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Discover the remarkable history of the Trail of Tears...

In the early 1800s, the five civilized tribes - the Cherokee, Seminole, Chickasaw, Muscogee-Creek, and Choctaw - were living in lands allocated to them by the United States government in present-day Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. In general, the Native American people lived in peace with the increasing numbers of white settlers coming to these areas, though there were occasional conflicts as settlers took lands that belonged to the tribes.

To many white Americans, the existence of these people in lands that could be used for the expansion of the United States was unacceptable, and many wanted the Native American to be removed and relocated to a new area, west of the Mississippi River, which was not, then, of interest to settlers. 

In 1830, the administration of President Andrew Jackson signed into law a new piece of legislation - the Indian Removal Act - which gave the government the power to force these tribes to relocate to new lands in Indian Territory in present-day Oklahoma.

The forced relocation that followed have become known as the Trail of Tears. Some were conducted with extreme brutality, and many thousands of Native American people died as a direct result. Once they had been uprooted from their homelands, many tribes found themselves unable to continue with ways of life which they had followed for thousands of years, and the nature and character of Native American culture and society was forever changed.

This is an account of the privations of these forced relocation and the indifference of the US government and the majority of Americans to the suffering they caused to the Native American people. This is the story of the Trail of Tears.

Discover a plethora of chapters, such as:

  • Settlers Move West
  • Andrew Jackson and the Indian Removal Act
  • Creek Removal in 1834
  • Chickasaw Removal in 1837
  • Cherokee Removal in 1838
  • And much more!

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