2 episodes
  • Apr 30 2019

    Three men put their period knowledge to the test and have all their wildest menstruation questions answered. Expect explicit explanations of vulvas, PMS and period pants. Maisie Hill is joined by Simon Hooper, otherwise known as Father of Daughters on Instagram; presenter and writer Ayo Akinwolere; and comedian and activist Heydon Prowse, who inadvertently came dressed for the occasion.

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    54 mins
  • May 1 2019

    What’s society got against periods? In this episode, three women share their personal period experiences, as well as discussing what can be done to ease period poverty and to improve menstrual education. You’ll also laugh and cringe at some of the most outrageous period euphemisms in use around the world. Maisie Hill’s guests are Gabby Edlin, founder and CEO of charitable organisation Bloody Good Period; comedian and #periodpositive founder Chella Quint; and YouTuber and sex educator Hannah Witton.

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    51 mins