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  • The Majestic SEO Podcast is a monthly panel of SEO experts, debating today’s burning SEO-related issues, hosted by David Bain. David also interviews SEO experts on a one-on-one basis as part of the series. Previous topics include: - What are the best approaches to SEO in 2023? - What are the new and old approaches to link building? - What are the best approaches to Social Media Marketing in 2023? - What are the best approaches to Analytics in 2023? - What are the different perspectives between working for an Agency vs In-House? - SEO for large enterprise sites vs SEO for small businesses - How do you manage teams remotely or how do you want to be managed remotely? - How should SEOs leverage Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools? - What stops a site from getting indexed and what steps can you take to speed up the process? - What are some of the most common rookie SEO mistakes and how can you avoid them? - SEO for eCommerce, SEO for Wordpress, SEO Strategy, Audience Intent, Site Performance & Google's Knowledge Graph. Previous guests include: Jenny Halasz, Bill Hunt Senior, Tom Pool, Hannah Thorpe, Frank Watson, Helen Pollitt, Alina Ghost, Shari Thurow, David Mackenzie-Kong, Ned Poulter, Annie Cushing, Jim Sterne, Jill Quick, Sara Clifton, Susan Hallam MBE, Topher Kohan, Viola Eva, Ruth Everett, Judith Lewis, Mike King, Iman Hamdan, Gareth Hoyle, Aleyda Solis, Jo Juliana Turnbull, Fabrice Canel, David Iwanow, Kristine Schachinger, Rasmus Sørensen, Patrick Hathaway, Romain Damery, Dom Hodgson, Laura Hogan, Laurent Bourelly, Rebekah Dunne, Miradna Miller, Shaun Hill, Maria Amelie White, Anna Corbett, Kevin Indig, Imogen Davies, Natalie Mott, Gerry White, Max Brockbank, Amel Mehenaoui, Kevin Gibbons, Gus Pelogia, Antonella Villani, Emma Russell, Kristina Azarenko, Chris Dunn, Dan Taylor, Paige Hobart, Jason Barnard, Keith Devon, Mindy Weinstein, Jono Alderson, Lukasz Zelezny, Pam Aungst Cronin & Jon Henshaw.
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  • How does AI impact EEAT?
    Nov 1 2023

    How should you use AI to generate content while at the same time retaining the principles in EEAT? With Adelina Bordea, Edward Ziubrzynski, Ian Helms and Kavi Kardos. Hosted by David Bain.

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    48 mins
  • How Neurodivergent thinking can supercharge your SEO - with Heike Knip
    Oct 11 2023

    David and Heike discuss how neurodivergent thinking can supercharge your SEO.

    Talking points include:

    - What is Neurodivergent thinking?

    - Is this from the perspective of someone who is neurodivergent or who is managing someone who is Neurodivergent?

    - How should someone who is Neurodivergent grow their SEO career?

    - Does an SEO team leader who is managing someone who is neurodivergent need to be aware of anything in particular?

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    16 mins
  • Tracking and Attribution Challenges for SEO
    Oct 4 2023

    What are the current tracking and attribution challenges that SEOs are facing and how should you deal with these challenges?

    Joining host David Bain are Irina Serdyukovskaya, Navah Hopkins, and Brie Anderson.

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    49 mins

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