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The Age of Healing

Profiles from an Energy Healer
Narrated by: Dan Breitfeller
Length: 4 hrs and 10 mins

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This book contains an abundance of hope and possibility!

We have entered into an age of empowerment, when we can finally realize the magnitude of human potential. Certified Quantum Energy Healer Neal Bogosian has always believed that we are capable of so much more - a revelation that has been kept from us for far too long. In The Age of Healing, Neal shares 18 actual energy-healing sessions that demonstrate the boundless nature of our true selves. The healing profiles presented include sessions for pain relief; kidney stones; the late stage cancer patient who gained seven pounds and their vitality during chemotherapy; the client with diastasis who, after two sessions, lost four inches off their waist; the white energy orbs captured in photos by a client, and the patient whose inhibiting allergies ceased after a healing session, and they cancelled their monthly allergy shots with the physician.

We have forgotten who we are. This book might remind you.

These true healing stories indicate the energetic nature of everything, because everything is energy, including us. We live in a universe determined by mind and frequency, but most schools fail to teach these concepts. This is a book that demonstrates the unlimited potential of the human mind, and the possibility of anything! Neal explains each session and provides his insights. He also includes a list of activities that you can do to amplify your well-being.

Holistic energy healing - centuries older than western medicine - is a meeting of universal energies that helps the body to heal itself. We are all powerful in this age of healing, but not everyone is aware of this realization. We often have the power and resources to heal ourselves - and each other. If you are seeking alternative ways to enhance your health, Neal Bogosian's healing profiles will inspire you.

You are on the earth at a special time, and that is not a coincidence.

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