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Overthinking Women

A Contemporary Vision of Women’s Issues to Stop Worrying and Start Living
Narrated by: Lisa Anthony
Length: 3 hrs and 14 mins

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If you are a woman who struggles in constant stress and anxiety and do not know how to deal and overcome these difficulties, then pay attention.

If you have suffered from overthinking, you may recognize the following behaviors in yourself:

  • Obsessing over what might be wrong with you
  • Trying to solve every single problem, including ones that have not even happened
  • Attempting to remember everything you need to do to fit in or be accepted by someone
  • Obsessing over thoughts about why your life is so challenging or uncomfortable
  • Trying to find the easiest solution to a problem when you already have the right solution
  • Rethinking every single problem you have already solved to see if it could be solved better

Every day, women suffer from overthinking behaviors that can lead to them feeling an increase in stress, nervousness, unworthiness, being overwhelmed, and obligation to those around them. Overthinking naturally stems from a desire to attempt to control every possible outcome of a situation, but unfortunately, it only results in the absolute certainty that the woman engaging in it will feel more stressed and overwhelmed than ever before.

These are completely normal experiences for women in modern society to face, but they do not have to be yours. You can overcome overthinking by enforcing the very tools that you will learn within this audiobook. 

Inside Overthinking Women, you will learn valuable information such as:

  • What causes overthinking
  • Why women are more prone to overthinking than men are
  • How men contribute to the problem
  • How society reinforces overthinking behaviors in women
  • How you can begin eliminating overthinking episodes at the moment
  • How you can prevent overthinking episodes altogether
  • Effective strategies like mindfulness, grounding, exercise, and boundaries
  • Lesser known strategies like using a timer, adapting, gratitude, and more
  • Which strategies will work for your specific root cause
  • And more!

Overthinking Women is a powerful audiobook designed to highlight the complex mind of a female so she can begin to understand why she might be prone to overthinking. If you liked this brief description and want to learn more about the concepts and start implementing them right away then, grab your copy today to ditch overthinking for good by scrolling up and clicking on the "Buy Now" button!

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