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How to Declutter and Simplify Your Life
Narrated by: Kevin Theis
Length: 34 mins

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If you've been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of clutter or belongings that have seemingly taken over your life, think about cutting back and embracing a minimalist lifestyle.

Minimalist living is about simplicity, clarity, and necessity. It's an intentional choice to live with less. You are surrounding yourself with the things that you value most and allowing everything else to fade away. Removing the clutter and the waste that serves more as a distraction can give you a more obvious path towards your own goals and fulfillment.

The minimalist will turn away from the modern culture's drumbeat of accumulation and possessing everything that's available. Minimalists do not believe that bigger is better and that more things bring happiness. Instead, the movement aims to find real, authentic joy in relationships and experiences, not things.

This book will make it easy for you to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. By reading this book you'll learn:

  • What is minimalism
  • Why choose minimalism
  • How to build a minimalist mindset
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to declutter your home
  • Best strategies to develop a minimalism budget
  • Minimalism tips for daily life

While living with minimalism isn't going to make everything perfect or solve the long term problems that you may have been struggling with, it will clear a path for you. You'll have an easier time gaining the clarity and vision you need to be the person you want to be.

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