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Romance writer May Newman believes in happily ever after - just not for herself. She’s come to terms with that fact that she will always be alone and has created a world for herself that makes her happy. When her assistant surprises her with tickets to see her favorite actor on a late-night talk show, she couldn’t be happier. Seeing him in person will give her something to dream on for the lonely days to come.

Actor Bob Bodefeld is a cynic. He hates going out in public, because he’s always recognized and people won’t leave him alone. While waiting for a flight, he spots a woman going out of her way to help strangers and thinks how much he’d like to have someone like that in his life. When the woman sits beside him on the plane, he vows to get to know her and make her his. Will he be able to get through to her that he really does love her? Or will her insecurities keep them from being able to find true happiness?

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