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Harriet Tubman: A Life from Beginning to End

Narrated by: Sean Tivenan
Length: 1 hr
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Slavery in the United States has left deep, unhealed wounds in American society. It was a dark period in American history that saw the emergence of a number of heroes. One of these was a small woman, about five feet tall, who was a former slave. Her name was Harriet Tubman, and she changed the world. After escaping from a life of slavery that left her with permanent scars including a lifelong disability, she dedicated herself to freeing other slaves and working tirelessly for equality for oppressed people.

Inside you will hear about....

  • Slavery in a new world: The foundation of a new economy
  • Araminta "Minty" Ross: Harriet Tubman’s early years
  • Tubman, the freedom fighter: Her years as a conductor
  • Civil War in the United States: Tubman’s role in a country divided
  • Life after freedom: Tubman’s later years
  • Lessons learned: Tubman’s legacy
  • And much more!

Harriet Tubman was an uncommonly brave person who, on several occasions, put her life at risk to re-enter slave territory, and later, to assist the Union army in the American Civil War. She was the first black woman to lead an assault in the war. After the war, she dedicated herself to the cause of women’s suffrage. She used any money she made in any of her endeavors to help those less fortunate than herself, despite the fact that this caused her to live a life of poverty. She is the definition of a true American hero and her legacy includes inspiring millions of oppressed people worldwide to fight for equality. Her memory will live on as an example of a life well-done.

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