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Fury of Ice Audiobook

Fury of Ice: Dragonfury, Book 2

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Publisher's Summary

Homicide detective Angela Keen thrives on the city's rough streets. But when she becomes the prize of all prizes in the dragon-shifter world, due to her "high-energy" status, she gets more than she bargained for. Kidnapped by Lothair of the Razorback clan, Angela barely survives captivity before managing to escape. Hurt and alone with nowhere to hide, she faces certain death when Lothair uses the trace energy she leaves in her wake to hunt her down. But before he can reach her, a mystery dragon-shifter intervenes and saves Angela's life.

Now a guest of the Nightfury clan, Angela regains her strength as her rescuer, Rikar, the last living frost dragon, gradually breaks down her mistrust. Surrendering to her desire for Rikar, but still uncertain of her feelings, Angela goes against his wishes and agrees to be used as bait to lure Lothair into the open. As the battle commences, the true struggle comes from within: Will Angela return home to the life she loves, or forsake it all to be with Rikar?

©2012 Careene Callahan (P)2012 Brilliance Audio, Inc.

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    Lynn Worton Sheffield, UK 15/11/2013
    Lynn Worton Sheffield, UK 15/11/2013 Member Since 2017

    Reading is a passion and an obsession.

    "A Fantastic Paranormal Erotic Romance!"

    This is the second book in the Dragonfury Series. I loved it!

    Angela Keen is a fantastic character. She is a very strong willed, independent woman, who knows what she wants. She is a homicide detective, on the trail of a serial killer. I liked her when I met her in Fury of Fire. It was nice to get to know her better.

    Rikar is a fantastic character too. He is second in command to the Nightfury leader, and a frost dragon with amazing powers. He is charismatic, but slightly taciturn. He has the alpha male vibe going on, which I love!

    I got a copy of this in audio book, so I could listen to it whilst doing chores. It was narrated by the same person who narrated Fury of Fire. Benjamin L. Darcie did a fantastic job reading this story. His narration brought the characters to life.

    The story sort of follows on from Fury of Fire, but introduces new characters and has a slightly different plot line, but with a common thread weaving through the tale. This gives the series a feeling of continuation. I was hooked from the first line! It was an exciting and riveting read! I really enjoyed meeting a few more of the Nightfuries. These characters are just as hot as Rikar and Bastian, and I am looking forward to reading their stories in the future. Especially Mac's, Venom's and Forge's.
    Lothair is the second in command of the Razorbacks, and is not a very nice person/dragon. He made my skin crawl!
    Ivar (leader of the Razorbacks) is just as sick, if not sicker, and is still doing his mad scientist experiments.

    The story is full of twists and turns, and has another fantastic battle scene (or two) which I could picture with ease. The descriptions of which was vivid and rather violent, but what else could it be when there are dragons involved? The story is told from several points of view, which made it a very interesting read. I must admit that I am not overly fond of swearing in media, and rarely if ever swear myself, but the f-bombs were only slightly less noticeable in this story. Although, it could be that I was becoming desensitized. I hope not, because sometimes there is no need for use of excessive swearing in books, or in life. I believe that using foul language is a lazy way of speaking, and shows a lack of vocabulary. Others may disagree with me, but this is just my opinion. Foul language notwithstanding, I am looking forward to reading/listening to Fury of Seduction, the next book in the series.

    Coreene Callahan has written a fast paced, sexy paranormal romance that kept me hooked from the first page!

    Due to the use of foul language and the explicit sexual scenes, I do not recommend this book for younger readers. However, if you love hot and spicy paranormal romances, then this book is for you! - Lynn Worton

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  • ducksandruns
    Houston, TX, United States
    "Becoming less 'Ward' and more 'Callahan'..."

    This is the second title in Callahan's Dragonfury series. If you are a J. R. Ward fan, and read the first title, you may have been ready to stand on the rooftops and scream "PLAGARISM!" Ms. Callahan's first attempt was wrought with style, plot and character development that was not simply reminiscent of J. R. Ward, it was an almost exact replica-aside from a very interesting story line.

    This title; however, shows that Ms. Callahan may just well have what it takes to develop her OWN world, characters, etc. It isn't 100% purged of all things 'Wardian' but it's getting there and the story line is very good! I do recommend making your way through the first title, if you have not already, so that you begin to learn about the characters. If you haven't read any J. R. Ward, it won't bother you in the least and you'll likely enjoy the title far more than those of us who would give just about anything to have our own hellren!

    I'm, admittedly, very critical of the narration of audio books. It is, after all, the main component of why many of us listen, as opposed to or in addition to reading books. The narrator for this title isn't bad; however, his performance isn't what it could be. I tend to blame a lack of direction or editing for the majority of the issues I have with narration. He tends to make his female voices come across a bit whimpering at times, lessening the strength of the character. The words, thoughts and actions of the character don't match the tone of voice and it lends to making the character come across as weak. Also, he has this habit of isolating the word "and" that is so bloody annoying that it drives me crazy. It can't be that the author writes "and" that much more than other authors. I wish that we had the ability to reply to reviews with Audible because I would love to know if anyone else finds this particular habit of the narrator to drive them to distraction!

    All in all, I am pleased that I continued the series in spite of my initial issues with the first novel. I would recommend this title 'AND' even though I've already read the next book 'AND' will be reviewing it shortly, I can already say that I look forward to her future world development.

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  • Ezinwanyi
    Dallas, TX USA
    "Still similar to BDB and Midnight Breeds"

    This sequel is a definite upgrade from book 1. I wasn’t sure I was going continue this series and I am glad that I did. Aspects of the series still remind me of Black Dagger Brotherhood & Midnight Breeds, but this second book established it as its own series. The connection between Angela and Rikar was a must stronger match and much better chemistry than Myst and Bastien from Book 1. First, I think I like the Angela better than Myst and I like Rikar better than Bastien.
    One of the things I enjoy about this series is that the women are strong and independent. They are quite resourceful.

    In Book 1, Angela was kidnapped and raped by Lothaire, but in the beginning of this book she escapes a Razorback stronghold. She is tough. She makes it her mission to help the Nightfury find and try to rescue the other kidnapped females, whom the razorbacks where using for experimental breeding programs (*ahem Midnight Breeds)

    My major complaint is that the dialogue tended to get overly cheesy and repetitive. We get it, as a bonded male, you would rather die than hurt YOUR FEMALE. You live for YOUR FEMALE. No one better look or touch YOUR FEMALE etc.

    I like what the author is doing with the villain Lothaire. I know he is despicable, and I loathe what he enjoys brutalizing others. But the author created a new side to him, a vulnerable lonely shifter who is just looking to belong to a group. We see that mr. Rat Bastard (as Angela calls him) is loyal, and it seems like he is a bad person who can be rehabilitated. So I wonder if she is setting him up to be redeemed at a later time. If Larissa Ione can rehab Pestilence/Reseph in Rogue Rider (Lords of the Deliverance), then I think anyone can be redeemed. So I will give the author room to work with Lothaire.

    I also like what the author is doing with Forge. He is definitely a complex dragon with an agenda of his own. He seems like he is one of the good guys, but he also seems like he would be willing to do anything to get what he wants. Then we have the newest dragon, a rare water Dragon, Mac. He is Angela’s big brother, but it seems like he has been keeping secrets from everyone.

    While the writing and plot is a tad subpar to BDB and Midnight Breeds, it is still of the same vein. So if you enjoy those series, you will definitely enjoy this one too. I look forward to reading book 3, Fury of Seduction, which is Mac’s story.

    4 of 4 people found this review helpful
  • J. Poe
    DFW, Texas

    I saw a review of Warrior’s Revenge saying that they liked the Dragon Fury books better so when the first one was on sale, I picked it up. I got wrapped up in the story so I’ve kept going. This series is ok.

    The more I listen to Callahan’s books, the more her style grates on me. The story is interesting but it is written in “chick lit” style, meaning it is riddled with colloquialisms. And many of them she uses repetitively. It just gets a bit old.

    I’m not usually a fantasy or contemporary romance fan but in terms of story, I liked Fury of Ice. However, the energy regression made me laugh out loud and it wasn’t supposed to. The narrator was decent, although his female voices were all alike but not to the point of distraction. His accents are pretty good, though, and that can be harder to find on these audio books.

    Overall, I'd say it was just average. If you like a little more creativity and intellect in the writing, I wouldn't recommend it or the series. I’m not really sure I will last to book four.

    3 of 3 people found this review helpful
  • Jodi
    ormond beach, FL, United States
    "Bla and boring"
    What would have made Fury of Ice better?

    A story line that didn't bounce around so much you get whiplash. This book was a slight improvement over Book 1 in the series. But there is way too much description of inconsequential things and not enough description of the stuff that matter. To take up almost 5 min describing a chair than glance over in less than a minute of a moment that is suppose to be when the main characters fall in love....um hello. I could have done without knowing a detailed description of a chair.

    Has Fury of Ice turned you off from other books in this genre?

    It doesn't. Just turns me off from this author.

    How could the performance have been better?

    The voices needed more variety. His voice for the two main character dragons sound like characters from Revenge of the Nerds. These are Dragon men. They should have deep sultry voice. Not squeeky nerdy voices. And everyone sounds the same. Not enough variety.

    What reaction did this book spark in you? Anger, sadness, disappointment?

    Sleepiness. I want to get through it, I don't like to leave books unfinished, but it's hard. So boring.

    Any additional comments?

    Focusing on one character plot and delving deeper into the emotional connection and love aspect of the relationship would be way better.

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  • Linda
    Tuscaloosa, AL, United States
    "More of the same...different characters!"
    Is there anything you would change about this book?

    Too long.....cut off about 4 hours of wasted words and it would be so much better!

    Would you recommend Fury of Ice to your friends? Why or why not?

    Probably not...I bought it as an under $10 listen while waiting on credits.

    What about Benjamin L. Darcie’s performance did you like?

    Now this was not disappointing, he did a good job narrating the story.

    What would have made this romance irresistible?

    More romance.....less talk.

    2 of 2 people found this review helpful
  • Cheryl
    Colorado Springs, CO
    "Fury of Fun"

    I know many think this series is a rip-off of the Black Daggar Brotherhood, which I'm completely devoted to, but I'm really starting to like it for what it is. Yes, there are some similarities in the speaking style and the branding of products, but the stories are completely different. There are enough differences to make listening worthwhile. I really like how both characters are quickly drawn together. I really get bored with the typical romance novels that keep the hero or heroine fighting until the end before finally giving in to what they both want. This series focuses more on the external struggles while allowing the couples to quickly accept their need to be together. The bad guys are really bad and the good guys are really good. The author does a great job of connecting you with each character. Overall I highly recommend giving this series a chance and look forward to what the author has in store for all the other Night Fury members.

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  • Heather
    ORLANDO, FL, United States
    "Another Amazing Chapter in the Dragonfury Series"

    I LOVED this book, even more so than the first one in the series. Cause this I was able to love both the male AND female lead! The story was awesome. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED how it picked up literally right where the first book ends. We got glimpses of how bad ass Angela was in the first book and I KNEW she would be an awesome female lead and was not disappointed.

    Coreene gives us teasers at what I think one of the next pairing will be (MMMM MMMM MAC!!) I've officially become a BIG fan of Forge! And am I the only one that is hoping for a Venom/Wick pairing?!?!?!!? I'm hoping that Coreene will give us more info and yes a book on Sloane cause he sounds funny and awesome and fabulous.

    Again, let me restate....people that compare this to BDB don't know what they are talking about. BDB isn't the end all, be all that people go on about. I loved Dragonfury and I can't WAIT for book 3.

    OH and....the narrator: Benjamin Darcie.......Love him. AWESOME CHOICE!

    6 of 9 people found this review helpful
  • Just so you know
    United States
    "Interesting and Enjoyable. Worth a listen."

    The first book of this series I enjoyed. I thought it was a little different. It takes dragon lore in a different direction. The books are tied to one another. So if you want to find a new series to look forward and will be long running then this the series for you.

    It has everything a romance needs. Bad guys, hot guys, naughty parts, fights, tough chicks, bad vs good and so on...

    The author gives hints of future or possible books. It addicting so watch out.

    I hope you enjoy and agree :0)

    7 of 11 people found this review helpful
  • Gary
    Colorado Springs, CO, United States
    If you could sum up Fury of Ice in three words, what would they be?

    "Katey Bar the Door!" There's adventure, humor and romance..

    Who was your favorite character and why?

    Angela Keene because she refused to stop fighting for her freedom whan she was captured and still maintained enough steel to allow herself to except a new partner into her life.

    What about Benjamin L. Darcie’s performance did you like?

    This is the seconed book I've listened to with Mr. Darcie perforning. As always I enjoy the way he make the characters come alive while holding the readers interest.

    Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

    I would have loved to listen to this book all in one sitting because it keeps you rivited to the story but its told with such zest, you don't mind returning as soon as you can.

    3 of 4 people found this review helpful
  • karen
    Christchurch, New Zealand
    "Just like the first in this series"
    What disappointed you about Fury of Ice?

    I have listened to the first 4 chapters and can not listen to the rest of this book. It is just like the first one. Nothing different. I will not be purchasing any more books in this series. Coreene Callahan needs to write something different for the rest of the series. New plots that don't sound just like the first book.

    2 of 3 people found this review helpful

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