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Favorite Scary Stories of American Children

For Grades K-3
Length: 55 mins

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Editor reviews

Richard and Judy Young collected the age-appropriate scary stories that they perform here. This audiobook includes classic American campfire stories like "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary", as well as spooky tales from other cultures such as "The Changeling", from Norway, and the Algonquin story "Skunee Wundee and the Stone Giant". The storytellers consulted with kids on what to include, and know how to narrate in a way that will thrill. Their goofy voices and over-the-top delivery ensure that the laughs come as frequently as the frights.


Everybody loves scary stories, and nobody loves them more than children. Storytellers Richard and Judy Dockrey Young gathered these stories from the most discerning of critics - the children themselves. These are the tales kids tell most often and most often ask to be told.The stories in this multicultural collection come from the Ozark Mountains and the desert Southwest, from native Americans and Hawaiians, and from American immigrants from such faraway places as Japan and Laos. The 14 favorites in this collection for younger children include: "The Red Velvet Ribbon," "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary," "The Changelings," and "Stop the Coffin!"

For Grades K-3

©1991 Richard Young and Judy Dockrey Young (P)1991 Richard Young and Judy Dockrey Young

Critic reviews

"Excellent!"( The Washington Times)
"Richard and Judy Young are remarkable narrators." ( Booklist)
"These stories have stood the test of time through retelling and they are identified by children across the nation to be among their favorites." ( Orange Sentinel)

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