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By: Joel Wright
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  • This podcast is about board and card games, our hobby. Join Joel, Tom and Lewis on this new podcast. They like to talk about games they have been playing, news from around the world, good Kickstarters and ones that fail, a topic or 2 and bonus content which will be most likely to be doing a proper Game review.
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  • 110 DDP the Deluxe Edition.
    Nov 17 2023
    🎲 Devon Dice Podcast Episode 110 - Board Game Weekend Extravaganza! Get ready for a thrilling ride as we share our adventures from a 24 hr board game mini marathon! Only about 20 tickets are available for this exclusive event on 27th January 2024, 11 AM - 11 PM. 🕚🎉 Also, mark your calendars for the North Devon Board game weekend, happening from Friday, 23rd to 25th Feb! There are limited rooms available, including the fabulous "treehouse." Secure your tickets through Meeples Corner for a weekend of gaming fun! 🏰🎲 Day tickets In the News: Fleet: The Dice Game - app coming out 17th Nov (iOS & Android).  For discussion: Do we still need mobile apps when BGA does such a good job?...Asmodee will distribute Coffee Rush  Some new expansions announced: Dice Realms: Trade Expansion Gaia Project: Portals Tokyo Highway: Rainbow City Live Crowdfunding Projects: Discover  Undergrove, Elizabeth Hargrave’s mushroom-themed game, Perseverance Ep 3 & 4 ,  Cargo Empire,  Calimala ,  MagGo 3.0 - The Super-Fast Access Sling Bag with NO Zipper Upcoming Projects: TOKYO HIGHWAY Rainbow City and Tiny Epic Cthulhu  are on the horizon! Can you save the world from tiny Cthulhus? 🐙 Played Games: Joel EOS: Islands of Angels  Shipyard 2nd Edition Ark Nova: Marine Worlds Nick Perseverance Ep 1 Poundland Monopoly (yes, Poundland. Yes, really. Yes we actually finished a game) Sam Ark Nova Star Wars: Outer Rim (complaint time) Lewis Expanding my horizons… Miniatures Gaming!... and 3D Printing Q7: Have deluxe editions of games ever led to regrettable purchases? Joel has no regrets. Nick reflects on Snowdonia Deluxe due to misprints and the challenge of utilizing expansions. Sam mentions Ticket To Ride: 10th Anniversary Edition and the Fox Experiment deluxe. Lewis expresses slight regret with Return to Dark Tower and 878 Vikings expansions. Non-Gaming Interests: Sam delves into the book series 'Wool' and 'Children of Memory ' Don't miss us at Gridcon soon! 🌟📚🎪 Tune in for this fantastic episode packed with gaming escapades, crowdfunding gems, and our diverse interests beyond the gaming table. 🎙️🎮 #DevonDicePodcast #BoardGames #GamingWeekend #Crowdfunding #GamingCommunity
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  • 109 DDP All Things Great and Small, News, Crowdfunding, Boardgames
    Oct 31 2023
    🎲 Exciting Updates on Devon Dice Podcast! 🎙️ Join Joel, Nick and Sam for the latest episode 109, where they uncover thrilling news, crowdfunding gems, and a glimpse into our gaming adventures. 🌟 Here's a sneak peek at what's in store: 🔍 News Highlights: Tiny Epic Crimes' publisher, Gamelyn Games, solves a real-life mystery! 🕵️‍♂️ Nightshade: A tool that "poisons" digital images to disrupt AI diffusion.Tranquillity publisher, Board Game Hub, shuts down, leaving Tranquillity: The Ascentunfulfilled.Brexit strikes again with EOS Island of Angels. 🚀 Live Crowdfunding Projects: The Old King's Crown from Eerie Idol Games 👑 Keyforge: Grim Reminders - more Keyforge adventures!Exciting games like Through the Desert, A Message From the Stars, and Switchbacks.Ezra & Nehemiah from Garphil Games 📜Molly House from Wherlegig Games, a game of queer joy and betrayal in 18th-century London 🏳️‍🌈 Dice Throne: X-Men: Marvel - Co-op Missions 💥 Timelancersfrom Waddling Panda, a sci-fi steampunk time-travel game ⏳The Gilded Realms: Forge your empire in this euro-style kingdom builder 🏰 Charms & Inflation: Japanese trick takers being republished 🀄Pax Illuminaten & Pax Maleficium ☯️ Tiny Library: Modern Fantasy - a deck of rules tweaks for RPGs 📚 The Witcher: Path of Destiny 🗡️   🕹️ Played Games: Joel explores Clank Legacy, Ticket to Ride Legacy: Legends of the West, Evacuation, and Cabanga!Nick's gaming adventures include Sky Team, General Orders WWII, Mille Fiori with Masterpieces expansion, and Forest Shuffle.Sam embarks on World Wonders and Ark Nova: Marine Worlds 🌍🌊 Join us for a fantastic gaming journey and stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon! Ways you can engage or contact the show Here is the link to our discord channel Devon Dice Find us on Twitter @DevonDiceUK, Facebook page, BGG Guild Find us on @DepressedMonk3y @The_BreweryTour @meeplescorner @njshaw2   Our web page Youtube - DevonDiceUK please like subscribe to our channel 🎲🎉 #DevonDicePodcast #BoardGames #PodcastEpisode #Crowdfunding #GamingAdventures 🚀🃏
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  • 108 DDP Return From Essen, Passports and All.
    Oct 31 2023

    We had some technical issues with the first version podcast, after we released it the other day, big thank to the listener who stopped it. I had to take the old one down and redone it again. I hope this one works, now. 

    Welcome to a new episode of the Devon Dice Podcast.

    Recorded, a week after the Spiel Fair 2023 ended, Nick, and Lewis sat down with Joel for this special podcast to find out all the juicy gossip, they were joined by their special guest, Claire, The long-suffering wife of Joel, who was dragged along to the show. 

    Find out how the event was and whether Claire enjoyed it or not. 

    Joel and Claire’s trip 

    • Traveling hotels, food, 
    • The convention, stalls, demos, queues, layout, meeting people - Nells
    • Games played at spiel:
    • Ticket To Ride: Legacy: Legends of the West
    • Unboxed
    • Sweet Mess
    • Star Wars: Unlimited
    • Monkey See Monkey Poo
    • Bridgeton: The High Society Game
    • Gay Sauna
    • Axon Protocol
    • Amelia’s Secret
    • Hush Money (Tesco)
    • Forest Shuffle
    • World Wonders
    • Theme Park Mania 
    • Spielbox Magazine 2024 
    • Gaming tables, second-hand games, accessories, 
    • Meeting up with the Whose Turn Is It Anyway? Crew, food and games. 
    • Shitty Choices
    • Questions for Claire
      • Overall impressions of the convention
      • Best gaming experience
      • Worst experience (Joel losing but not losing the passports?)
      • Best non-gaming thing at the show?
      • Now you know how much games cost these days, will you be confiscating Joel's bank cards?
    • North Devon Gaming weekend is back bigger than before. 23rd to 25th Feb ‘24

    Ways you can engage or contact the show

    Here is the link to our discord channel Devon Dice

    Find us on Twitter @DevonDiceUK, Facebook page, BGG Guild

    Find us on @DepressedMonk3y @The_BreweryTour @meeplescorner @njshaw2  

    Our web page

    Youtube - DevonDiceUK please like subscribe to our channel

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