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Experiment Milked Dry, Book 1
Narrated by: Santiago Fuentes
Length: 1 hr and 7 mins
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Young Darren never thought his internship would be so spicy.

As an assistant to his professor, Corbin, Darren thought it would be your average internship after college. But when he meets Corbin and his researcher/boyfriend William, things immediately begin to change. Not to mention Darren has had a crush on the young professor for a long time now, and is part of the reason why he took the internship.

However, when Corbin has a personal experiment that he wants to try on Darren, a milking experiment, Darren immediately tenses up. He wants this, but at the same time, the fear that could come from this does trump over his own personal desires. However, seeing as how Corbin and William are willing to give him the pleasure he desires, he's left with an even bigger choice. Does he do it? Or does he leave this by the wayside in the hopes that he doesn't get too hung up in his own thoughts?

Warning: These stories are super-hot with explicit scenes of desire and passion that do not leave much to the imagination. This audiobook is intended for adult ears only!

©2017 Sadi Mckena (P)2017 Sadi Mckena

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  • Kd
  • 28-05-17

Obviously no skill is necessary to publish

I have listened to thousands of books, and I can honestly say that this is one of the worse I have ever listened to. This tale of Corbin, a science professor and researcher, his mate, William, and Corbin's ex-student and science lab intern, Darren was awful. And I don't think I've ever used that word in any of my many story critiques. It was very poor writing. The poor writing was primarily in the form of syntax problems. Poor writing is one thing, but not being able to put a sentence together coherently is beyond poor writing. As a result, the story was confusing at times; it was unclear what the author was trying to say or supposed to be saying. There are too many examples to cite them all, so here are a few: 1) used "indoctrinate" wrong, in an archaic fashion; 2) "I bade them farewell."; 3) "I listened to all of this, taking it in. Wow. I was really going to be like this."; 4) "I never thought they were super rich, at least rich enough to afford this. But the fact that they could easily seem to interest me."; 5) "I could feel my prostate being rammed with each other."; 6) "Like there was something behind their actions that suffice them being able to pay for this sort of thing." What the hell? What does "suffice them" mean? Did Darren not know whether or not he was interested, so it just "seemed" that way to him? Is anyone that out of touch with themselves? Well, it SEEMS that I hated the story, and I did.

On top of the bad writing, there were problems in the narration of the story. Chapter 2 was a complete repeat of chapter 1. And at the end of chapter 3, a sentence was repeated consecutively. The narrator was fine. The story was so bad that his performance was a bit irrelevant. But, there was one point where I couldn't tell if he said "dusky" or "dusty" nipples. Considering the bad writing, either one was possible. And this was the least sexy book listed in the erotica section. The author has no aptitude for writing about sex. When referring to any play she repeatedly said "down there."

Finally, the premise was too ridiculous. I can't say more without giving the story away, but these great scientists—as touted in the story—were NOT that. I'm more than willing to let go of reality and enter a fictional story, but I wasn't able to go with this one nor believe any college graduate would either. And Darren was beyond naïve; his ignorance was key to this story working. But it too was ridiculous.

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  • Sarah R. Jacobs
  • 27-10-17

No. just no.

This is like a Google Translated ESL rough draft written by a person who is not only a virgin, but is also, quite possibly, not even a native of the planet Earth.

You know how they say, "write what you know?" Well, that advice will never be bad. This person has clearly read a great many gay threesome stories, but has almost definitely never even made out with a guy.

I would be sad for them about the inexperience if I felt like there was effort going into the writing process, but they have rather clearly not even bothered to edit this rough draft of a ... thing.

Just... no. Have a very literate friend read through the manuscript before you publish next time, please.