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BBC Dramatisations - Radio 4

  • 15 Minute Drama: Derailed (Complete)
    by Steve Chamber
    Narrated by Sara Poyzer, Tom Watt
    0.00 (0 ratings)
    George is romantic and great fun but how much does Marie really know about her new partner? After a whirlwind romance and Mediterranean marriage to chirpy cockney George, Marie's plans for a cosy Christmas a deux are derailed when he says the band's schedule has changed. George is hurt in the Taunton rail crash when Marie thought he was playing Christmas gigs with his band in Scotland. She drives South to discover a whole lot more about the past of the man she married. Is Marie's new husband George a bigamist?
  • A Domestic
    by Peter Jukes
    Narrated by Neil Stuke, Lydia Leonard, Clare Lawrence-Moody
    4.50 (2 ratings)
    A family cleaner sees and hears everything, from the pill packet that signals that her employers are no longer trying for another child, to that unfamiliar earring in the marital bed that signals something altogether more worrying. In this five-part drama, two successful people, prosperous and happily married, pay little attention to their Polish domestic. Perhaps they should....
  • Mad Girl: A BBC Radio 4 dramatisation
    by Phil Gladwin
    Narrated by Shannon Flynn, Emma Noakes
    0.00 (0 ratings)
    Fifteen year old Rose hears voices. Mostly she gets along with them ok, but when her real Dad turns up out of the blue to take her away for the weekend, things get completely out of control. This drama has sprung out of a project that listened to people with mental health issues, and in this case people who hear voices. The project was run by Company Paradiso, a charity that enables groups of people who encounter some form of disadvantage to tell their stories.
  • Amy's View (Classic Radio Theatre)
    by David Hare
    Narrated by Judi Dench, Samantha Bond, Ronald Pickup
    4.40 (19 ratings)
    Judi Dench, Samantha Bond and Ronald Pickup star in this BBC Radio 4 full-cast drama from 2000 - which features many of the original West End and Broadway stage cast. Esme Allen is a middle-aged West End actor and is in control of her life: she’s financially secure and successful. However, Amy, her grown-up daughter is pregnant by Dominic, an ambitious media-man who believes that theatre is dead. Esme and Dominic, unsurpisingly, loathe each other.
  • Arabian Afternoons: A Dish of Pomegranates
    by Peter Jukes
    Narrated by Sirine Saba, Kevork Malikyan, William El-Gardi, Betsabeh Emran, Zubin Varla, Allan Corduner, Kelly Beresford, Stefan Kalipha, Mozaffar Shafie, David Seddon
    0.00 (0 ratings)
    The third in a series of plays inspired by stories from the Arabian Nights. Shared roots and scattered families in the melting pot of modern Jerusalem. Tired after a stressful trip, Ajib is stopped by security officers as he tries to fly out of Ben Gurion airport on his way home to the U.S. They don't think his story adds up. Can he make them believe him? And does he actually know the whole story himself?
  • Arabian Afternoons: The Casper Logue Affair
    by Sebastian Bacziewicz
    Narrated by Serine Saba, Trevor White
    0.00 (0 ratings)
    An absurd black comedy thriller set in Baghdad. The first of three Arabian Afternoons - contemporary plays inspired by tales from The Arabian Nights. Junior diplomat Bob Goldacre is in trouble: the American businessman he was looking after has vanished from a Baghdad street.
  • Arabian Afternoons: The Porter and the Three Ladies
    by Rachel Joyce
    Narrated by Serine Saba, Stephen Tompkinson
    3.00 (1 ratings)
    A wild, dark, modern fairytale, set in Damascus. The second in a series of contemporary plays inspired by stories from the Arabian Nights. It is time for Shahrazad to tell another tale to save her life. In this story within a story, we find out that if Joe doesn't find the exclusive to satisfy his ruthless editor, he will lose his job. He finds three beautiful women in Damascus but what is the truth behind their secret life?
  • Flaws
    by Yvonne Moxley
    Narrated by Bill Wallis, Nerys Hughs
    0.00 (0 ratings)
    Margery and her husband had an old-fashioned marriage. He clicked his fingers and she obeyed. Then his world changed. Dramatically. Margery was now in charge of the rules, one by delicious one.
  • Bertrand Russell: The First Media Academic?: Archive on 4
    by Robin Ince
    Narrated by Robin Ince
    3.30 (3 ratings)
    Bertrand Russell was one of the greatest thinkers of the last century. His contributions to the fields of mathematics and philosophy are widely acknowledged as some of the most important of their kind. But he also brought his brand of rationalism and intellect to an audience far beyond the academic and political circles he routinely mixed with. His relationship with the BBC goes back almost to the beginning of its own history, and his many broadcasts brought his ideas to a whole new audience.
  • Bette and Joan and Baby Jane
    by Tracy-Ann Oberman
    Narrated by Tracy-Ann Oberman
    4.50 (2 ratings)
    On 23 July 1961, filming started on "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?" at the Producers Studio, Hollywood. It was a film that industry insiders thought would never be made, as its two female stars had an on-going feud as famous and as long lasting as both of their glittering screen careers. Bette Davis "the actress" and Joan Crawford "the movie star" both arrived on set determined to prove everyone wrong, including each other....
  • Blood Sugar
    by Lee Hall
    Narrated by Various Artists
    4.00 (1 ratings)
    Jill is 14, overweight and obsessed with food. Her mum is glamorous, disappointed in Jill and about to embark on a new relationship with Billy, whilst Dad watches silently from a chair.
  • Blue Sky Thinking
    by Ben Lewis
    Narrated by Nicola Stapleton, Samuel Roukin, Freddy White, Catherine Shepherd, Sandra Voe, Ben Lewis
    0.00 (0 ratings)
    A psychological thriller about love and identity by Ben Lewis. Karen's counting down the days to her wedding. But when a scrawny-looking stranger turns up, her happy life begins to fall apart. Starring Nicola Stapleton as Karen, with Samuel Roukin as Vinnie, Freddy White as Stuart, Catherine Shepherd as Siobhan, Sandra Voe as Jean, and Ben Lewis as Dave. Director: Kirsty Williams.
  • Charity
    by Daniel Jamieson
    Narrated by full cast
    0.00 (0 ratings)
    When an illegal minicab driver knocks a man off his mobility scooter they begin an unusual and touching relationship that will change both their lives. Written by Daniel Jamieson. Starring Nikki-Amuka Bird, Lloyd Hutchinson, Kuan Frye, Daniel Rabin, Brian Bowles, Sally Orrock, Jane Whittenshaw, Stuart McLoughlin, Alex Tregear, Daniel Rabin, and Jane Whittenshaw. Directed by Marc Beeby.
  • Children of the Rain (Dramatised)
    by Lee Hall
    Narrated by Ben Tibber, Sita Patel
    0.00 (0 ratings)
    Children of the Rain by Lee Hall, starring Ben Tibber and Sita Patel. Drama about extraordinary children, presenting the thoughts and opinions of British children about children in other parts of the world. By the author of Billy Elliott.

    Written by Lee Hall. Lee Hall has asserted his moral rights (including the right to be identified as the author) in the Work. All rights reserved.

  • Cobwebs
    by David Hodgeson
    Narrated by Fiona Clarke, Kevin Doyle, Helen Longworth, Beth Palmer, Roy Carruthers, Mark Winstanley
    0.00 (0 ratings)
    Psychological drama by David Hodgson. Greg Drake is just getting his life back together after the death of his wife. But then his house is broken into when he is asleep. Nothing is taken, but his peace of mind is destroyed. Starring Kevin Doyle as Greg, with Fiona Clarke, Helen Longworth, Beth Palmer, Roy Carruthers and Mark Winstanley.
  • Crisis
    by Tina Pepler
    Narrated by Clare Corbett, Dan Winter
    0.00 (0 ratings)
    Martha's posting to Agok, in South Sudan, gives her the chance to make amends for the mistake that caused her to be sent home from her last posting. As project manager, she's in charge of a small team facing an escalating crisis, with more and more refugees arriving across the border from the North, and violence never far under the surface. Mistakes and misjudgements are all too easy to make, and the tensions within the team add to her feel of isolation. As Martha's team try to deal with an ever-increasing number of refugees, she has a crisis of her own to deal with inside the compound.
  • Degrees of Separation (Complete Series)
    by Katie Hims
    Narrated by full cast
    4.00 (1 ratings)
    Five interlinked short plays for Woman's Hour around the theme of separation, based on experiences submitted to the programme by listeners. In 'Empty Nest', Sheila is inconsolable when her daughter leaves home for a gap year. Can an eccentric elderly neighbour help her to feel needed again? In 'Fatima the Catima', Karen tries to keep normal family life going and her anxieties at bay while her husband is fighting in Afghanistan.
  • Dressing Natalie (Radio 4 Drama)
    by Hannah McGill
    Narrated by Barbara Rafferty
    0.00 (0 ratings)
    A woman puts pen to paper and writes to her bank manager after an unforeseen spending spree. Read by Barbara Rafferty. Writer and critic Hannah McGill is a former Artistic Director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.
  • Firefly Summer (Dramatised)
    by Maeve Binchy
    Narrated by David Soul
    3.70 (7 ratings)
    In Mountfern, life meanders as slowly as the river running through it. The pace has hardly changed since the great house burned down in the Troubles and its shell became an ivy-clad playground for the local children.
  • Five Days in May (Dramatised)
    by Matthew Solon
    Narrated by Samuel West, Nicholas Boulton, Gerard Kelly, Henry Goodman
    4.50 (20 ratings)
    Written by Matthew Solon. This play tells the story of the tense negotiation that followed the 2010 general election, which led to the country's first post-war coalition. Based on interviews with those who were at the meetings, political journalists and on published material - and using actors to play all the key characters - this is a compelling account of those five momentous days in May.
  • Five Wedding Dresses (Complete series)
    by Katie Hims
    Narrated by full cast
    3.50 (2 ratings)
    Five dramas by Katie Hims exploring the symbolism and significance of the wedding dress. In 'True Love', Maggie's dress is so beautiful she can't bear to take it off. In 'The Rescue', Lauren resorts to drastic measures to stop her sister getting married. In 'The Scarecrow', Carla suddenly finds herself the object of attention for all the village men. In 'Janey's Big Day', Janey is unprepared for quite how involved her mother is in her wedding plans.
  • Higher: The Complete Series 3: A BBC Radio 4 dramatisation
    by Joyce Bryant
    Narrated by Sophie Thompson, Jeremy Swift, Jonathan Keeble
    4.50 (2 ratings)
    Higher: Episode 1: The Price of Partnership by Joyce Bryant.Teaching has become a dirty word at Hayborough University and when a new Dean of Research Development comes on board she urges partnerships abroad. So an international research centre for Pier and Wharf ethics is mooted. The only problem is the person sent to set it up - academic snob and sociopath, Professor David Poll. Everything seems to be going smoothly for the university until they realise the student they have recently expelled just happens to be the President of Epithea's son. Episode 2: Restructure by Joyce Bryant. The Vice Chancellor wants to restructure three departments into two, so one of the Deans is for the chop. Jim Blunt is determined it is not going to be him. But he hasn't reckoned on the Dean of Arts, baby faced killer Roland Keith Chubb. Meanwhile in Epithea David is preparing to launch his Centre for Pier and Wharf ethics. But the President keeps on mentioning 'Baksheesh'. Starring Sophie Thompson, Jeremy Swift and Jonathan Keeble.
  • Iced (The Wire)
    by Kate Clanchy
    Narrated by Adjoa Andoh
    0.00 (0 ratings)
    Finnish teen eco-blogger, Ulli Earthgirl, wins a competition to join a low-carbon expedition to the North Pole by foot, to measure the melting ice. Blogging her way across the Arctic, she has to navigate deadly cracks in the ice, as well as the treacherous currents of environmental controversy in the blogosphere. Soon she's afloat in both worlds, as all her certainties begin to dissolve.
  • Jailbird Lover (BBC Radio Drama)
    by Craig Hawes
    Narrated by Charles Dale, Claire-Louise Cordwell, Suzanne Packer, Iestyn Jones, Manon Edwards
    0.00 (0 ratings)
    A lonely bachelor avoids personal contact as much as humanly possible, despite the best efforts of his well-meaning but nosey next door neighbours. Gwilym Lloyd whiles away his time, pottering in the garden, learning the harmonica, and writing letters to women serving long-term prison sentences in various jails around the world. Women that he knows he'll never have to meet. Or so he thinks....
  • King David
    by Katie Hims
    Narrated by Lee Ross, Claire Rushbrook
    3.00 (2 ratings)
    Dave has a pretty good life: his company is thriving, he's got a lovely wife, a big house, kids at private schools. But then he gets a bit careless and things start to go wrong. Katie Hims is well-known to Radio Four listeners for her many original dramas and adaptations on that network. Most recently she dramatised some of the Martin Beck novels (with more to come); and she won an Audio Drama Award in 2012 for her play Lost Property - A Visit from the Queen, to name but two of her many successes. This is Katie's first Drama On 3. Directed by Mary Peate.
  • Like a Daughter
    by Lucy Flannery
    Narrated by Roy Hudd, Alison Steadman
    4.50 (2 ratings)
    An afternoon drama by award-winning writer Lucy Flannery. Home-help aide Ruth cares for Harry above and beyond the call of duty. She fetches his shopping, brings him meals, makes sense of his paperwork. All in all, she's like a daughter to him. When his health begins to decline, Ruth tries to discover friends or family to care for him but Harry insists there is no one, he's all alone in the world. She becomes even more concerned when a chance discovery reveals a sizable sum of money languishing in his bank account.
  • Mixed Blood
    by Nazrin Choudhury
    Narrated by Shelley Islam
    0.00 (0 ratings)
    Nazrin Choudhury's play, which won the Richard Imison Award for the best play by a writer new to radio, tells the story of a young British Asian woman whose life begins to unravel when she's faced with the possibility that her real father may actually be white. When Sharmila finds some letters in her late mother's belongings, she uncovers her mother's affair with a man called Peter while she was at university. More importantly, Sharmila discovers that she may be the product of that affair. Outraged that her mother betrayed her and father for so long, Sharmila decides to track Peter down, and face the man who could be her father.
  • No Nightinggales, No Snakes (Dramatised)
    by Maeve Binchy
    Narrated by Niamh Cusack, Sam Dale, Harry Towb
    4.00 (10 ratings)
    Ireland is neither cursed with snakes, nor blessed with nightingales, and the characters in Maeve Binchy's fiction occupy the same middle ground. These five stories, specially dramatised for BBC Radio 4, feature modern Irishwomen emerging from a culture where they knew their place into a more hazardous, but more rewarding, light.
  • Pandemic
    by John Dryden
    Narrated by Ben Daniels
    4.60 (26 ratings)
    A three-part thriller by John Dryden. In Part 1, 'The Present', Dr Jan Roldano, microbiologist and WHO advisor on infectious diseases, arrives in Bangkok to give a keynote lecture at a medical conference. But when a virulent strain of bird flu emerges, he finds himself trapped in Thailand.
  • Patricia Hodge is Mattie, A Liberated Woman
    by Juliet Ace
    Narrated by Patricia Hodge
    4.00 (5 ratings)
    Patricia Hodge stars as Mattie in Juliet Ace’s four linked dramas, written especially for Patricia’s voice, in which Mattie reflects on her life as a naval wife, an actress and as a mother and daughter. In these funny and beautifully observed performances we come to meet Mattie as she shares her hard-earned understanding of her life, in all its intimacy.Episodes are:
  • People Don't Do Such Things (Dramatised)
    by Ruth Rendell
    Narrated by Michael Maloney
    3.30 (6 ratings)
    It is 1979 and hapless accountant Arthur and his wife, Gwen, have made a new friend. Flashy novelist Reeve is everything they're not - carefree, charismatic, and seemingly irresistible. At first, his friendship seems to offer an enticing window into a world beyond their cloistered suburban existence, but it doesn't take long for the relationship to slip into rather more sinister territory. From the moment Reeve arrives on the scene, it's clear that Arthur and Gwen don't stand a chance, and it's this festering inevitability, lurking in awkward pauses and fidgety middle-class tics, that gives this play its most haunting moments.
  • Q & A (filmed as Slumdog Millionaire)
    by Ayeesha Menon, Vikas Swarup
    Narrated by Anand Tiwari, Sohrab Ardeshir, Henry Goodman, Caran Arora, Rajit Kapur
    4.30 (56 ratings)
    When Ram Mohammad Thomas, an orphaned, uneducated street kid from Mumbai, wins a billion rupees on a live TV quiz show, he finds himself beaten up and thrown in jail by the programme's producers. During his interrogation he explains, through a series of flashbacks, how he knew the answers to all the show's questions. What he describes about his life is jaw-dropping: "You learn a lot about the world by living in it." he says.
  • Radio Crimes: Mclevy: For Unto Us & The Trophy Club [Dramatised]
    by David Ashton
    Narrated by Brian Cox, Siobhan Redmond
    4.80 (17 ratings)
    For Unto Us - It is Christmas, but McLevy doubts that peace on Earth and goodwill to all men will apply among the criminal fraternity of Leith... Sure enough, as snow falls on the cobbled streets, the Inspector and Constable Mulholland find themselves on the icy trail of an ingenious cat-burglar. The Trophy Club - Blocked at every turn in his efforts to solve the cruel murder of a young prostitute, McLevy unwisely decides to bend the rules - with bitter consequences.
  • Soloparentpals.com Series 4
    by Sue Teddern
    Narrated by Liz White, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Karina Jones
    0.00 (0 ratings)
    After much turbulence Rosie and Tom are now living together in Bolton. Rosie is happy in her job but Tom finds being a house-husband a challenge. But when Rosie is unexpectedly made redundant, Tom is forced to look far afield to bring home the bacon, and finds himself working four days a week in London in order to pay the mortgage in Bolton. More complications arrive when Tom's mother in Hove breaks her arm, and when Rosie discovers that Tom has accepted a permanent job in London, his plan to propose to her is scuppered.
  • South Riding (Dramatised)
    by Winifred Holtby
    Narrated by Sarah Lancashire, Philip Glenister, Carole Boyd
    4.60 (31 ratings)
    In this rich and memorable evocation of the fictional South Riding of Yorkshire are the lives, loves and sorrows of the central characters. There is Sarah Burton, fiery young headmistress; Robert Carne of Maythorpe Hall, a councillor tormented by his own disastrous marriage; Jo Astell, a socialist fighting poverty and his own illness; and Mrs Beddows, the first woman Alderman of the district (like Winifred’s own mother).
  • Spoonface Steinberg
    by Lee Hall
    Narrated by Becky Simpson
    4.80 (24 ratings)
    The listener response to this play when it was first broadcast as part of the God’s Country series was overwhelming, and it has gone on to become an audio best seller. Performed by Becky Simpson, Spoonface Steinberg is about a young autistic Jewish girl who, learning that she is terminally ill, contemplates the meaning of life and death in a dramatic monologue interwoven with operatic extracts from the magical voice of Maria Callas.
  • The 40-Year Twitch
    by Daniel Thurman
    Narrated by Paula Wilcox, Philip Jackson, Anne Reid, Brian Bowles
    0.00 (0 ratings)
    Comedy drama by Daniel Thurman. When Yvonne loses her job at the age of 64, she starts to fear that husband Neil's devotion to birding - birdwatching to the uninitiated - is actually all about escaping her and their humdrum life together. Thus begins a somewhat overenthusiastic pursuit of the truth as she trains her binoculars firmly on Neil's every move. Can best friend Wendy bring her back to earth? Directed by Toby Swift. Starring Paula Wilcox as Yvonne, Philip Jackson as Neil, Anne Reid as Wendy, and Brian Bowles as Austin.
  • The Apple Tree
    by Gerda Stevenson
    Narrated by full cast
    1.00 (1 ratings)
    Maria is an Englishwoman who has fallen in love with her husband Iain's Highland heritage - but there's a shock in store for them when they take a trip home to his mother's island croft. It is Hogmanay, and Iain has just received news of his mother's death. He and Maria set off from Edinburgh to attend the funeral. They drive north in blizzard conditions. Eventually they reach Iain's mother's house, where brother James, sister-in-law Ishbel, and the church elders are gathered. In the aftermath of this family crisis Maria's love affair with the island way of life will be severely tested.
  • The Great Squanderland Roof: A BBC Radio 4 dramatisation
    by Julian Gough
    Narrated by Adjoa Andoh, full cast
    5.00 (2 ratings)
    Jude lives in a henhouse with no roof, in the bankrupt Republic of Squanderland. Purchased for ten million euro at the height of the credit bubble, his henhouse has been rated the asset in Europe most likely to default. To solve this small but symbolic problem and restore confidence in the markets, Europe's leaders need a plan. Sadly, putting a roof on Jude's henhouse quickly escalates out of control. Soon they are committed to building a roof over the entire country, half a mile above the startled voters...
  • The Ramayana (Dramatised)
    by Amber Lone (adaptation)
    Narrated by Manjinder Virk
    4.50 (2 ratings)
    A distinctive modern version of an ancient Indian epic and one of the world's most popular love stories. Part 1: Teenage Sita sees the most beautiful stranger in the street. She'll marry him or die. He is Prince Rama, heir to the throne, but his stepmother wants Rama sent into exile. Part 2: Sita has been abducted by a ruthless warlord. Rama enlists the help of an army of monkeys to get her back. But has she betrayed him with the evil ruler of Lanka? The ancient Indian epic The Ramayana is one of the world's most popular love stories.