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  • Doctor Who and the Daemons
    by Barry Letts
    Narrated by Barry Letts
    4.70 (18 ratings)
    Doctor Who is strangely concerned about Professor Horner's plan to cut open an ancient barrow near the peaceful English village of Devil's End; equally worried is Miss Hawthorne, the local white witch, who foretells a terrible disaster if he goes ahead. Determined that the Professor should is Mr Magister, the new vicar (in truth the Master) whose secret ceremonies are designed to conjure up from out of the barrow a horribly powerful being from a far-off planet.
  • Doctor Who: Paradise of Death
    by Barry Letts
    Narrated by Jon Pertwee, full cast
    4.40 (39 ratings)
    Doctor Who: The Paradise of Death was the first Doctor Who drama made specifically for radio. Written for BBC Radio 2 by producer Barry Letts to celebrate the Doctor's 30th anniversary, it stars third Doctor Jon Pertwee, reunited with Sarah Jane and the Brigadier, in a dangerous return to Earth.
  • Doctor Who: The Ghosts of N-Space
    by Barry Letts
    Narrated by Jon Pertwee, Elisabeth Sladen, Nicholas Courtney, full cast
    4.20 (35 ratings)
    Jon Pertwee, Elisabeth Sladen, and Nicholas Courtney join forces once more for a specially written Doctor Who adventure.
  • Doctor Who and the Silurians (Dramatised)
    by BBC Audio
    Narrated by Jon Pertwee
    4.60 (13 ratings)
    Jon Pertwee stars as the Doctor in the original soundtrack of this classic 1970 TV adventure, with linking narration by Caroline John. "The Planet is Ours. It Always Has Been!" On Wenley Moor in Derbyshire, a nuclear energy research centre is suffering mysterious power losses and a series of staff breakdowns. Investigationg on behalf of UNIT, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart calls the Doctor in to help, assisted by the scientist Liz Shaw.
  • Doctor Who: The Sea Devils (Dramatised)
    by BBC Audio
    Narrated by Jon Pertwee
    4.50 (10 ratings)
    Jon Pertwee's Doctor encounters ancient reptiles from beneath the sea in the original soundtrack of this classic 1972 TV adventure, with linking narration by Katy Manning. "We shall destroy Mand and reclaim the planet!"
  • Doctor Who: Harvest of Time (3rd Doctor Novel)
    by Alastair Reynolds
    Narrated by Geoffrey Beevers
    4.20 (78 ratings)
    After billions of years of imprisonment, the vicious Sild have broken out of confinement. From a ruined world at the end of time, they make preparations to conquer the past, with the ultimate goal of rewriting history. But to achieve their aims they will need to enslave an intellect greater than their own... On Earth, UNIT is called in to investigate a mysterious incident on a North Sea drilling platform. The Doctor believes something is afoot, and no sooner has the investigation begun than something even stranger takes hold: the Brigadier is starting to forget about UNIT's highest-profile prisoner.
  • Doctor Who: The Curse of the Peladon
    by BBC Audiobooks
    Narrated by Katy Manning, Jon Pertwee
    4.50 (8 ratings)
    The TARDIS arrives on the storm-lashed planet of Peladon, just as it is being assessed for its suitability to join the Galactic Federation. Mistaken for Federation delegates from Earth, the Doctor and Jo become involved in a series of dramatic events at the conference. King Peladon's Chancellor has died in mysterious circumstances, and his High Priest is vehemently opposed to the Federation's advances.
  • Doctor Who: The Monster of Peladon (Dramatised)
    by Brian Hayles
    Narrated by Jon Pertwee, Elisabeth Sladen, full cast
    4.20 (10 ratings)
    The TARDIS brings the Doctor, along with his companion Sarah Jane, back to the planet Peladon, scene of the earlier adventure The Curse of Peladon. Time has passed, but trouble still lurks in the tunnels of the citadel, as do some very familiar enemies.
  • Doctor Who: The Ambassadors of Death (Dramatised)
    by David Whitaker
    Narrated by Jon Pertwee, Caroline John
    4.50 (21 ratings)
    Seven months after it left the red planet, Mars Probe 7 still hasn't returned to Earth. The Doctor and Liz Shaw join the investigation asa second capsule, Recovery 7, is sent to discover what has happened. But when it returns, something is terribly wrong with its three astronauts... The space-suited figures are kidnapped and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart leads UNIT in a rescue attempt - whilst Liz finds herself at the mercy of dangerous fanatics.
  • Doctor Who: The Mind of Evil
    by Don Houghton
    Narrated by Jon Pertwe, Katy Mannin
    4.30 (15 ratings)
    The original TV soundtrack, with new linking narration by a member of the cast, this 6-part adventure from 1971 stars Jon Pertwee as the Doctor with Katy Manning as his companion Jo Grant. The Doctor is caught up in events at Stangmoor Prison, where Professor Keller's new machine is said to be able to remove all evil impulses from the minds of the prisoners. Nicholas Courtney and Roger Delgado also star as the Brigadier and the Master.
  • Doctor Who and the Curse of Peladon
    by Brian Hayles
    Narrated by David Troughton
    4.40 (5 ratings)
    Again, the terrifying cry rang out. The Doctor quickened his pace along the gloomy tunnels of the castle. Suddenly, from the darkness lumbered the mighty Aggedor, Royal Beast and Protector of the Kingdom of Peladon! The Doctor fumbled in his pocket. Would the device work? As he trained the spinning mirror on the eyes of Aggedor, the terrible claws came closer and closer... What is the secret behind the killings on the Planet of Peladon?
  • Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters
    by Malcolm Hulke
    Narrated by Caroline John
    4.10 (9 ratings)
    For the first time on audio, this is an unabridged reading of a classic Doctor Who novelisation, based on a serial from the original TV series. All is not well at the Wenley Moor underground atomic research station. There are unaccountable losses of power-output, nervous breakdowns amongst the staff, and then - a death!
  • Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion
    by Malcolm Hulke
    Narrated by Martin Jarvis
    4.40 (11 ratings)
    The Doctor and Sarah arrive back in the TARDIS to find London completely deserted: except for the dinosaurs. Has the return of these prehistoric creatures been deliberately planned and, if so, who can be behind it all?
  • Doctor Who and the Doomsday Weapon
    by Malcolm Hulke
    Narrated by Geoffrey Beevers
    4.40 (17 ratings)
    The evil Master has stolen the Time Lords' file on the horrifying Doomsday Weapon - with which, when he finds it, he can blast whole planets out of existence and make himself ruler of the galaxy!
  • Doctor Who and the Green Death
    by Malcolm Hulke
    Narrated by Katy Manning
    4.50 (16 ratings)
    The Green Death begins slowly. In a small Welsh mining village, a man emerges from the disused colliery covered in a green fungus. Minutes later he is dead. UNIT, Jo Grant and Doctor Who in tow arrive on the scene to investigate, but strangely reluctant to assist their inquiries is Dr. Stevens, director of the local refinery. Are they in time to destroy the mysterious power which threatens them all before the whole village, and even the world, is wiped out by a deadly swarm of green maggots?
  • Doctor Who and the Space War
    by Malcolm Hulke
    Narrated by Geoffrey Beevers
    4.20 (9 ratings)
    The year is 2540, and two powers loom large in the Galaxy - Earth and Draconia. After years of peace, their spaceships are now being mysteriously attacked and cargoes rifled. Each suspects the other, and full-scale war seems unavoidable. The Doctor, accused of being a Draconian spy, is thrown into prison. And only when the Master appears on the scene do things really begin to move.
  • Doctor Who and the Planet of the Daleks (Classic Novel)
    by Terrance Dicks
    Narrated by Mark Gatiss
    4.60 (24 ratings)
    Jo peered through the panel and saw - nothing. Yet someone had entered the cabin. She could hear hoarse breathing and stealthy padding footsteps. A beaker rose in the air of its own accord, then dropped to the floor... After pursuing the Daleks through space, Doctor Who lands on the planet of Spiridon, in the midst of a tropical jungle... and finds more than Daleks. Vicious plants spitting deadly poison, invisible Spiridons attacking from all sides and, in hiding, a vast army waits... for the moment to mobilise and conquer.
  • Doctor Who and the Planet of the Spiders
    by Terrance Dicks
    Narrated by Elisabeth Sladen
    4.40 (13 ratings)
    Its happening, Brigadier! It's happening!' Sarah cried out. The Brigadier watched, fascinated, as the lifeless body of his old friend and companion, Dr Who, suddenly began to glow with an eerie golden light... The features were blurring, changing... .'Well, bless my soul,' said the Brigadier. 'Who will be next?' The last exciting adventure of Doctor Who's third incarnation.
  • Doctor Who and the Terror of the Autons
    by Terrance Dicks
    Narrated by Geoffrey Beevers
    4.60 (16 ratings)
    The evil Master leered at the Doctor, and triumphantly pointed out of the cabin window. The many-tentacled Nestene monster - spearhead of the second Auton invasion of Earth - crouched beside the radio tower! Part crab, part spider, part octopus, its single huge eye blazed with alien intelligence and deadly hatred... Can the Doctor outwit his rival Time Lord, the Master, and save the Earth from the Nestene horror?
  • Doctor Who and the Time Warrior
    by Terrence Dicks
    Narrated by Jeremy Bulloch
    4.20 (6 ratings)
    His spaceship crippled in an inter-stellar battle, the Sontaran warrior, Linx, is forced to crash land on Earth. He arrives in the Middle Ages, a time too primitive to provide the technology he needs to repair his ship. Allaying himself with the local robber chief, Linx uses his powers to 'borrow' scientists and equipment from tentieth-century Earth. The Doctor tracks down the missing scientists and journeys into the past to save them.
  • Doctor Who: Inferno
    by Terrance Dicks
    Narrated by Caroline John
    4.40 (13 ratings)
    Caroline John reads this thrilling novelisation of a classic Doctor Who adventure. Inferno is the name of a top-secret drilling project to penetrate the Earth's crust and release a major new energy source. A crisis develops when a noxious green liquid leaks out as drilling progresses - the green poison has a grotesquely debilitating effect on human beings. As the Earth's plight worsens, the Doctor is trapped in a parallel world, unable to rescue the planet and its inhabitants from the destructive force of Inferno...
  • Doctor Who: The Three Doctors
    by Terrance Dicks
    Narrated by Katy Manning
    4.60 (14 ratings)
    The most amazing Who adventure yet, in which Doctors One, Two and Three cross Time and Space and come together to fight a ruthlessly dangerous enemy - Omega. Once a Time Lord, now exiled to a black hole in space, Omega is seeking a bitter and deadly revenge against the whole universe....
  • Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion
    by Terrance Dicks, Robert Holmes
    Narrated by Caroline John
    4.60 (22 ratings)
    In this, the first adventure of his third "incarnation", Doctor Who, Liz Shaw, and the Brigadier grapple wth the nightmarish invasion of the Autons - living, giant-sized, plastic modelled "humans" with no hair and sightless eyes. They are waxwork replicas and tailors' dummies whose murderous behaviour is directed by the Nestene Conciousness - a malignant, squid-like monster of cosmic proportions and indescribably hideous appearance.