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  • Doctor Who: The Invasion
    by BBC Audiobooks
    Narrated by Frazer Hines
    4.70 (14 ratings)
    Patrick Troughton's Doctor encounters the Cybermen in London in this classic soundtrack adventure, narrated by Frazer Hines. Arriving on Earth in 1975, the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe discover that the component manufacturers International Electromagnetics has a vice-like grip on the world's technology.
  • Doctor Who: Fury From the Deep
    by BBC Audiobooks
    Narrated by full cast
    4.40 (45 ratings)
    Patrick Troughton battles to save mankind in this classic six-part "lost" television adventure, with linking narration by Frazer Hines. The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria to the south coast of present-day Earth. Something nasty is lurking in the gas pipelines of the North Sea, and before long the nearby refinery is under attack. Landing on a foam-covered beach, the travellers are at first mistaken for saboteurs.
  • Doctor Who: The Dominators
    by Ian Marter
    Narrated by Patrick Troughton, Wendy Padbury, full cast
    3.80 (5 ratings)
    First broadcast on BBC1 in 1968, The Dominators sees the TARDIS materialising on the planet Dulkis, currently under threat from two alien Dominators and their robotic servants, the Quarks. Their intention is to turn the planet into a radioactive mass, fuel for their space fleet. The pacifist Dulcians refuse to retaliate, until the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe arrive. Can they help save both the planet and its people in time?
  • Doctor Who: The Highlanders
    by Gerry Davis
    Narrated by Anneke Wills
    4.60 (12 ratings)
    History books don't always tell the whole story. Certainly there is no record of an episode that occurred when the Scots, led by Bonnie Prince Charlie, were defeated by the English at the battle of Culloden in 1746... And the presence at the time of a blue police box on the Scottish moors seems to have escaped the notice of most eye-witnesses.... The Highlanders sets the record straight. And while the incidents described may not be of great interest to historians, for Jamie McCrimmon they mark the beginning of a series of extraordinary adventures.
  • Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones
    by David Ellis, Malcolm Hulke
    Narrated by Patrick Troughton, full cast
    4.50 (23 ratings)
    The TARDIS makes a hazardous return to contemporary Earth, materialising at Gatwick Airport in the path of an oncoming aeroplane! The travellers split up in order to evade airport security, but in doing so they become embroiled in a plot to steal the personalities of young human beings.
  • Doctor Who: The Enemy of the World
    by David Whitaker
    Narrated by Patrick Troughton, full cast
    4.10 (15 ratings)
    The TARDIS arrives in a futuristic Australia, where the genius Salamander has found a way to end starvation by harnessing the sun's energy and preventing natural disasters on a global scale. But there are those who believe Salamander's office is moving towards dictatorship. One such person is Giles Kent, and he is immediately struck by the Doctor's remarkable likeness to the great man.
  • Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks
    by David Whitaker
    Narrated by Patrick Troughton, full cast
    4.60 (77 ratings)
    Patrick Troughton witnesses 'the final end' of the Daleks in this exclusive recording of a classic 'lost' BBC television adventure, with linking narration by Frazer Hines.
  • Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks
    by David Whitaker
    Narrated by Patrick Troughton, full cast
    4.60 (71 ratings)
    The first Doctor becomes the second in this exclusive recording of Doctor Who's orginal regeneration story, starring Patrick Troughton with linking narration by Anneke Wills.
  • Doctor Who: Adventures in History
    by Donald Cotton, John Lucarotti, Gerry Davis
    Narrated by William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, full cast
    4.50 (39 ratings)
    This great collection contains the soundtracks of three television adventures in which the Doctor and friends travel back in Time and get caught up in events in history.
  • Doctor Who: The Wheel in Space (2nd Doctor TV Soundtrack)
    by David Whitaker
    Narrated by Patrick Troughton, Full Cast
    4.60 (39 ratings)
    Taking drastic measures to escape a Tardis malfunction, the Doctor and Jamie arrive on a rocket, apparently deserted in space, and soon encounter its aggressive robot guard. When a blow to the head then renders the Doctor unconscious, Jamie's only hope of rescue lies in contacting the Wheel space station which is orbiting nearby. In fact the rocket has other occupants, who are sending out mysterious egg-like spheres to penetrate the Wheel's outer surface.
  • Doctor Who: The Underwater Menace
    by Geoffrey Orme
    Narrated by Anneke Wills, Patrick Troughton
    4.30 (25 ratings)
    The TARDIS arrives on an extinct volcanic island, beneath which lies a fantastic subterranean world inhabited by the primitive Atlanteans. The Doctor and his companions move from the frying pan to fire when they are rescued, from death at the jaws of hungry sharks, by the mad Professor Zaroff, whose plans involve nothing less than the destruction of the whole world.
  • Doctor Who and the Cybermen
    by Gerry Davis
    Narrated by Anneke Wills
    4.10 (11 ratings)
    A mystery virus is wreaking havoc among the crew of the Earth's weather control station on the Moon. While investigations into the strange disease are in progress International Space Headquarters Earth puts the entire Moon base into strict quarantine - the Doctor and his companions included! To make matters worse, Moon base personnel inexplicably vanish and vital weather control equipment is sabotaged. Who is responsible? The Director of the base suspects the time-travellers.
  • Doctor Who: The Highlanders
    by Gerry Davis
    Narrated by Patrick Troughton, full cast
    4.30 (26 ratings)
    In it the time travellers arrive in Scotland in the aftermath of the battle of Culloden, meeting up with a band of fleeing Highlanders. Polly and the daughter of the group's Laird, whose battle injuries are being treated by the Doctor, go off to fetch water and return to find that the others have been captured by Redcoat troops. Can the Doctor save the day?
  • Doctor Who: The Macra Terror
    by Ian Stuart Black
    Narrated by Patrick Troughton, Full Cast
    4.40 (16 ratings)
    An exciting 'lost' television adventure starring second doctor Patrick Troughton with linking narration by Colin Baker.
  • Doctor Who: Fury from the Deep
    by Victor Pemberton
    Narrated by David Troughton
    4.40 (30 ratings)
    In this exciting reading of a Doctor Who novelisation, first published by Target Books in 1986, the Doctor and his companions materialise near a North Sea gas refinery, where they encounter a terrifying foe in the dark, uncharted depths of the Sea.
  • Doctor Who: Wheel of Ice
    by Stephen Baxter
    Narrated by David Troughton
    4.20 (99 ratings)
    The Wheel. A ring of ice and steel turning around a moon of Saturn, and home to a mining colony supplying a resource-hungry Earth. It's a bad place to grow up. The colony has been plagued by problems. Maybe it's just gremlins, just bad luck. But the equipment failures and thefts of resources have been increasing, and there have been stories among the children of mysterious creatures glimpsed aboard the Wheel. Many of the younger workers refuse to go down the warren-like mines anymore.
  • Doctor Who: The Moonbase
    by Kit Pedler
    Narrated by Patrick Troughton, Frazer Hines, full cast
    4.20 (22 ratings)
    The year is 2070, and Earth's weather is controlled by a device called the Gravitron, based on the Moon and manned by an international team of experts. The TARDIS arrives to find the base in the grip of a plague epidemic which is drastically reducing the personnel. Before long an even greater menace is proved to be responsible: an invasion force from the planet Mondas, home of the Cybermen.
  • Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen
    by Kit Pedler, Gerry Davis
    Narrated by Frazer Hines
    4.40 (7 ratings)
    On the planet Telos, the Doctor and his friends encounter a party of archaeologists intent on uncovering the mythical "tomb of the Cybermen". Only the Doctor seems aware of the folly of this venture, but suddenly it's too late, the ice tombs are open, and the Cybermen are coming back to life.
  • Doctor Who and the War Games
    by Malcolm Hulke
    Narrated by David Troughton
    4.60 (21 ratings)
    Mud, barbed wire, the smell of death.... The year is 1917 and the TARDIS has materialised on the Western Front during the First World War. Or has it? For very soon the Doctor finds himself pursued by the soldiers of Ancient Rome; and then he and his companions are reliving the American Civil War of 1863. And is this really Earth, or just a mock-up created by the War Lords?
  • Doctor Who: The Abominable Snowmen
    by Mervyn Haisman, Henry Lincoln
    Narrated by Patrick Troughton, full cast
    4.60 (30 ratings)
    English explorer Travers is determined to track down the mythical Abominable Snowmen which are said to roam the Himalayas. When the Doctor and his companions visit the nearby Detsen monastery they discover that the Yeti are all-too prominent. In fact, they are out to kill anyone who comes near. With Travers' help the travellers discover that the monastery is in the grip of the evil Great Intelligence, a disembodied force which has taken control of the High Lama....
  • Doctor Who: The Mind Robber
    by Peter Ling
    Narrated by Derek Jacobi
    4.60 (16 ratings)
    To escape a catastrophic volcanic eruption the Doctor takes the TARDIS out of space and time - and into a void he can only describe as 'nowhere'. But the crisis is far from over and when the time-machine's circuits overload, the TARDIS explodes. The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe come to in a dark unearthly forest. There they encounter a host of characters who seem somehow familiar.
  • Doctor Who and the Tomb of the Cybermen
    by Gerry Davis
    Narrated by Michael Kilgarriff
    4.00 (12 ratings)
    The Cybermen - silver, indestructible monsters whose only goal is power - seem to have disappeared from their planet, Telos. When a party of archaeologists, joined by the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria, land on the Cybermen's barren, deserted planet, they uncover what appears to be their tomb. But once inside it becomes clear that the Cybermen are not dead, and some in the group of archaeologists desperately want to re-activate these monsters!
  • Doctor Who: The Krotons (Dramatised)
    by Robert Holmes
    Narrated by Patrick Troughton
    4.60 (5 ratings)
    Patrick Troughton stars as the Doctor in the soundtrack of this classic TV story from 1968, in which he finds the humanoid Gonds enslaved by the monstrous, crystalline Krotons. Along with his companions, Jamie and Zoe, the Doctor befriends the Gonds and enters the lair of their enemies. Can he halt the years of tyrrany and also escape with his life? Written by Robert Holmes. Linking narration will be provided by a member of the original cast.
  • Doctor Who: The Space Pirates
    by Robert Holmes
    Narrated by Patrick Troughton, full cast
    4.30 (29 ratings)
    The Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe become victims of piracy when they materialise on a space beacon, minutes before it is literally blown to pieces. So begins their quest to be reunited with the TARDIS, whilst treading perilously across the paths of the Interstella Space Corps and a gang of murderous bandits.
  • Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowmen
    by Terrance Dicks
    Narrated by David Troughton
    4.50 (15 ratings)
    A single blow from the giant, hairy paw smashes the explorer to the ground. Terrified, he flees from the monster's glowing eyes and savage fangs... Why are the peaceful Yeti now spreading death and destruction? And what is the secret behind the glowing cave on the mountain? When Doctor Who discovers that a long-dead friend is still alive, he knows why his visit to the lonely Himalayan monastery has led to a struggle to save the Earth!