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Dull, Delirious Dexter

2 out of 5 stars
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2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 03-03-19

I’m not going to get especially spoilery but I will talk about aspects of the writing and plot, so warning for that.

This book goes in a new direction for our dashing, deadly protagonist. It treats the ‘dark Passenger’ not as an aspect of Dexter’s psyche or psychosis but as a literal entity.

I’d always interpreted the ‘passenger’ as metaphorical. The way one talks about their ‘conscience’ in the third person while being aware that it’s actually oneself. This entry into the series explicitly strips that away; the passenger is an actual, ancient demon. This leads, inevitably, to incredibly hokey antagonists. In invoking the supernatural, this makes the character less compelling, in my opinion.

The book also departs from the standard formula of the narrative being exclusively from Dexter’s point of view. We now have two more point-of-view characters. While I’m not necessarily against an author freshening up their style with a new device, it never truly works; I don’t think it complements the existing elements.

I might be willing to give the next instalment a chance (the epilogue suggests a possible reset to the status quo of previous novels) but this was, by far, my least favourite entry.