Huw A D Thomas

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A Christmassy Ted

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2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 02-11-18

This book, Straight Outta Crawley, is much like Father Ted’s acceptance speech for The Golden Cleric Award : it is a long list of events where Romesh feels he has been ‘dissed’ by anyone, and this was his chance of calling all those individuals ‘pricks’. The book is not without merit, however: there is some very good advice for aspiring comedians; Romesh is disarmingly full of admiration for his long-suffering wife Lisa (who comes out of this very well), and Chapter 7 is killingly funny.

I seem to have a habit of buying autobiographical books by people I like, and after reading what they have written, I don’t like them half as much. This book is no exception, unfortunately. If Romesh ever reads this, he’ll simply say, “Mate, you’re a prick”.

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