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I loved the book

2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 30-12-12

I didn't like the audio book. Laura speaks incredibly fast, with a tone of voice that makes it hard for me to listen to and completely follow what she says. Instead of relaxed and at peace, I find myself stressed and tense, from what she says and how she says it. I've enjoyed the book on Kindle before, but listening to it hasn't at all given me the same joy.

She shares invaluable information, has plenty of good points and while I disagree with her about a lot of things (Christianity, the need for marriage, staying together for the good of the children, and a few other things), this is a good book.

It's just not a good audio book.

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This is a brilliant book, but...

4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 30-12-12

... don't buy it if what you're looking for is unbiased information. The author tells you, clearly, from the onset that he doesn't think wheat does anyone any good at all.

Personally, I find this book absolutely fascinating. I've enjoyed listening to it, and it's interesting to hear about so many studies that have been largely ignored by the medical community. He speaks a lot of Celiac disease, weight loss and diabetes, among other things. I've found information here that I've never heard of before, which in and out of itself is quite astounding (I belong to that nerdy group of people that read and listen to this for fun).

Sometimes I do find that I can only listen to the audio book for a short while, before wanting to shout "Yes, I get it, wheat is bad!" at the author, which is the only downside I've found so far. Well, I'd also like that he'd name what studies he's referencing when and from what year they are, so that I can look those up for myself, but that's a minor detail.

All that said though, this is a good book, well researched, well thought out, well read and fascinating - that's why it gets four stars from me.

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