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Reviewed: 12-01-10

Please, please, please can the people of BBC Audio not follow the example of the writers of Slumdog Millionaire and trash this Vikas Swarup's work. After reading "Q&A" and hearing the likes Peter Francis James & David Thorpe make magic storytelling of "On Beauty" and "A Company of Liars" respectively, I was very excited to see what "Six Suspects" had in store for me.
Disappointment turned to irritation when I was constantly distracted by the narrator's terrible Indian accent (of the era of Peter Sellers) and mispronounciation of Hindi words. This turned \"Six Suspects\" into an Indian novel but not for Indians, WHAT????
When we have wonderful actors like Lillette Dubey and Naseerudin Shah who would be fantastic at making this tale come to life, we are presented with Lyndan Gregory, sorry Lyndon, but not your finest work.
Audible listeners deserve better Indian accents! Here the voice really maketh the book.

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