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Narrator makes this book: Masterclass in narration

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
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Reviewed: 08-04-19

I honestly don't think the other reviewer listened to this book. Liam Gerrard's narration is sublime! A masterclass in narration and acting. The book ties together the notion that every story can fit into one of 7 pre-determined 'plots' (although the author admittedly says the boundaries are very loose). As such the author takes the listener on a journey through the most famous, infamous, epic, romantic and spellbinding stories known to mankind; from Gilgamesh, through Shakespeare, Dickens, Jane Austin, George Elliot, Dostoyevsky, Rabelais, Joyce, Chaucer, Beckett, DH Lawrence, Tolstoy, Tolkien and many many more. If you ever wanted a potted description of the best the history of literature has to offer; you won't go far wrong with this.

The listener is treated to descriptions, analyses, excracts and performances from the greats of literature and Gerrard's performance is sensitive and measured, yet the characters shine when they need to. This book deserves a narrator with the pedigree expected to pull it off, and I'm glad that the publishers chose Gerrard.

The last quarter of the book lets it down, purely because of the writing, not Liam Gerrard's performance. For some reason the author decided instead of stopping and finishing the book, he would carry on and give his own opinions on things as varied as politics, religion and his own treatiste on social anthropology. This is unecessary and not wanted. The desctiption and exploration into the stories up to this point are enough.

In short, an excellent way to delve into the greats of literature, all read superbly by my new favourite narrator. Will be buying more of his titles!

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