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By far the best 'nuts and bolts' book I've read!

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 28-01-18

Being on the verge of a business relaunch for a business I want to scale massively, it's extremely easy to get totally overwhelmed. This book is by far the most credible and implementable source of structure for the onslaught of ideas I have daily on what I'm aiming to do.

Not only that, but my perspective has gone from one of creating a business that has all of these actions needing to be done anyway in order to function and launch, to one that they will be done in a way that they'll be classed as an asset. This has given me huge clarity and has put a much higher quality onto anything I set out to do I love my business and it's potential already but this steer has created a quality to my creativity I possibly lacked before because I was in the space of 'when it's bigger I'll put abc measures in place' but Daniels' methods encourage you to behave in that way beforehand - to start with your big voice I suppose but it's very empowering.

I genuinely love it and it makes so much sense - on a very practical level, Daniel provides sources, background and context for everything he suggests you put in place and it's clear he's implemented it himself and talks his talk. Am so pleased I found this book - it's definitely strengthening the rails I'm putting my business on and better still it's in a simple, manageable way rather than being yet another daunting to-do list as many others end up creating.

I never leave long reviews but this deserved it - I highly recommend it and will encourage the businesses that are actively building that I frequently come across to read it too.

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