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The World's Fittest Book cover art

The World's 'Toughest' Fitness Book to listen to!

2 out of 5 stars
1 out of 5 stars
2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 14-02-19

TL/DR Some good advice, poorly delivered and hard to listen to and written in a way that not much if anything will stick. Not sure where the high reviews have come from with this book, avoid must be better fitness books out there.

Ross breaks down some foundational fitness principles throughout this book and has 'some' nuggets of advice based on sound research and tough personal experience. But there are too many negative points that let this audiobook down.

Firstly the narration of this book is poor, the author Ross Edgley does his own narration but it would have been better if he'd hired a professional to narrate it. He is slow, overly pronounces words and is overly dramatic in his storytelling. And sorry Ross but your voice is annoying to listen to, for a 9hr+ audio book.

I like the fact this isn't a quick fix fitness book, and Ross attempts to distil the principles of fitness, but it's a long slow hard listen to get there.

He is overly descriptive in the storytelling aspect of this book which in my opinion adds little value to when he eventually gets around to the fitness principle tied to the story. I think the story about when he could not fold toilet paper after a climbing rope challenge was meant to be a joke, wish he put the effort into other more important areas of this book!

Can't help but feeling that he comes across a bit egotistical (boasting about the places he's visited and his GQ column, writing for men's health magazine, his tree-athlon, car pulling, rope climbing challenge, tractor pull, everybody he trains with is just the 'best/greatest!' in their field etc..)

While his long-winded stories add something to the book I think they should have been toned down and hard principles and advice been better treated. Seems to be 30 minutes of story time from Ross summed up in 5 minutes of fitness principle (should be the other way around).

The amount of times he narrates the link to his website is too much. Ross, I understand their a lot of diagrams and healthy recipes available you do not need to remind the listener every 5 minutes. He must give us his website address, at least 50 times plus throughout the book, one of the things you will remember by the time you finish this book (if you buy it) is his website address. And why to god do you have to narrate your recipes in the book (*facepalm*, Ross this is the time you can give your websites address out!)

In the book, he promotes the whey protein company he works for, and their awards etc... don't know what this has to do with giving good fitness advice.

Ross has written this book like his university dissertation, with all the references material fully narrated (These should be kept brief if given at all just put in the appendix). It's like he's trying to hit a word target for each chapter.

Has too many cringey and unnecessary quotes from famous people from Buddha to Bruce Lee.

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