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Reviewed: 02-02-11

I have listened to this three times now. I am not a scientist. Four decades ago I was compelled to take Biology, Physics and Chemistry at school. Teacher after teacher mercilessly hammered the point that these subjects were dull, lacking in creativity, imagination, insight and above all - no 'classical' experiment we copied ever replicated the 'correct' results. However much I wished to cheer for the trail-blazing scientists who featured in my History and Philosophy lessons, actual laboratory outcome after outcome was just so much garbage. Little wonder that for every scientist who sticks their head above the parapet and makes a statement, 600 rent-a-gobs can be hired to 'prove' otherwise. I don't pretend to understand most of what he says, but Bruce Lipton speaks with enthusiasm (real passion) and integrity about something that affects us all. I loved every minute of it. Indeed, at no time did it sound scripted, academic or authoritative (in a detrimental sense). We're told we each have trillions of cells. I would encourage everyone to hear what Bruce Lipton has to say about them.

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The missing manuscript?

2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 24-06-09

Much to enjoy! I listened twice - but again nodded off from time to time. My favourite writers' wrote brilliantly; my less favourite writers' did not do so well. And this is what accounts for my low rating; The Lost Prophecies by these mystery writers is a bold drive through the tapestries of time. The warp and the weft are colourful and the thread is strong yet the binding lacks dynamic tension and confidence of stroke. The overall image may be sainted byzantine mystery but this resolves into less mediaeval mosaics than murderous (if entertaining) macaroni. Above all, whilst I understand the logic of the final act, if anyone can find and substitute that story with what I feel must be the tale's true ending, please let me know; I'd start reading it all over again just to hear this.

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