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Great Book; really helpful for the English course

4 out of 5 stars
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4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 24-03-19

The book had a great storyline and was incredibly thought provoking. The themes of ownership, love and hate were fantastically portrayed through Grenville’s descriptive and often sometimes unforgiving writing which displayed the good, the bad and the ugly of Thornhills character who represented her ancestor. Her ability to accept the fact that her heritage came from the atrocious acts carried out by the colonialists is refreshing and this book creates a sense of outright guilt and remorse for Thornhill, especially as we see how Thornhill becomes detached from his family after carrying out the atrocious acts and coercing with the plans of smasher and co. Her use of symbolism and description of nature throughout the book plays with the readers emotion, as she also successfully conveys the message that the aborigines belonged there as nature itself favoured them and they would never leave South Wales despite the hate towards them as symbolised at the end. The performers voice was very calming and he defined different characters very well but I could see myself wanting more action in his tone if I listened to this book in a few sittings rather than over a long period of time listening to 10 minute snippets of this book. However his performance of the book is still one of the best I’ve heard and someone’s voice can be a subjective topic so I would still recommend everyone to get this book as in some way or another you would have been affected by British colonialism and will be able to relate the wide selection of characters in this book.