Silver surfer

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Short and satisfying- you are in for a treat!

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 03-02-20

This Betty Neels book is 4 chapters instead of 9. .unlike most stories where you aren't told how the man feels about the woman until nearly the end of the book, here we discover very soon how he is attracted to her, how he finds way to help her. A most satisfying read! being retired I listened to it from beginning to end in one go.
I have all of Betty Neels books, collected over the years, I am 83 now and my eyesight is not good, so my hope would be to find many more of her books put onto Audible, I'd buy all of them! You are in for a treat!

Another Victory for Betty Neels

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-08-19

I am familiar with the misunderstandings that happens between the couple concerned, that is why I enjoy the familiar but different stories by Betty Neels. I prefer Julia Barry or Ann Cass as narrator, they are more in keeping with the, happy , innocent young lady in the story, a personal opinion of course!
Betty Neels educates as she unfolds her tale. You can see real places, roads, farms Inns canals mountains, etc., As the tale unfolds. I love the 'young girl in distress, being rescued 'by modern knight!!' Format, The love of animals and tenderness toward children . I love the way food is described and finish each chapter wanting to carry on reading the next.
>I listen at bedtime, so to me the happy ever after is just right to go to sleep to. An older listener, I do wish there was more Audible choice - poor sight makes reading books impossible, I have the complete collection of Betty Neels Books, but only a handful of Audible ! More Audible by this Author please!

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Love is blind?

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 26-07-19

A thoroughly satisfying story. The characters are believable, and I love Betty Neels way of making one feel happy, by caring for animals she introduces along the way, cats dogs donkeys and horses. They are rescued along with girl, she describes the food they eat, and the roads travelled are real. Nursing skills and hospital routine quickly involve you making you feel as tired and as hungry as those nurses we read about. Happy ever after? Of course! I have all Betty Neels books, I wish more were put onto Audible, because I like to listen to the story before I go to sleep. Audible switches it off for you, at 82, I still love a story read to me, with a happy ending!

. Always Happy Ever After books!

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 05-03-19

I have had a book shelf full of the author Betty Neels., Then when I became a Silver Surfer and got myself a Kindle I bought every one of her books. They have a comforting feel good quality about them, based on the authors own experience. Through reading them I have learned a little Dutch, know a little of the places of interest in Holland and Friesland.
How I wish more books were set to Betty Neels Audible, because I take my kindle to read in bed, I am 81 and waken often in the night, but switching on my Audible Betty Neels stories soon has me relaxed enough to sleep again. Audible books are invaluable to me, and I would recommend all of the Audible Betty Neels stories .

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"Night and Day, you are the One"

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 29-12-18

A thoroughly satisfying story, just suspend reality, as one does with any Love Story, with the twist that our heroine lives her life during the day in fear and uncertainty, bullied, beaten and kidnapped, by servants and Aristocrats alike.. while our Hero lives his life at night, as a most unusual Aristocratic ghost. He comes to her at dusk and solves her problems , they are gradually drawn together He knowing what love really is, she learning! All with a Happy Ever After ending, such a clever author! More please!

The Little Dragon

3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 12-06-18

Betty Neels is easily the best "easy listening" story writer for your bedtime reading. She writes such satisfying stories of the light romance kind, always with a happy ever after ending. I wish more of her books could be turned into Audible , the Little Dragon is my favourite of all her books, made into Audible.

Happy Ever After

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 22-08-17

I loved this new reader, her voice is gentle, like you imagine Matilda's voice to be. The story was believable, and had the right balance of happy as well as unhappy things happen.
I love the tangled plot Betty Neel's weaves in her books, and the unhurried way she brings her story to it happy ending, just right for a book at bed time.
I love these morally clean little books, and wish all of Betty Neel's books could be made Audible, since I go to sleep listening to the story, setting the automatic switch off, that makes sure I never lose my place.