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Not Bad... requires knowledge on Drugs

3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 28-10-10

This book is pretty interesting if you are interested in the effects of drugs on the mind and body but not how they actually interact on the body itself. Many of the extracts are from old fashioned lab tests, self scientific exploration and recovered/recovering addicts.

Marx certainly knows his drugs, but if you are looking for an interesting read then get his Mr. Nice book. Very entertaining and gives a deep insight into his life, habits, fortunes, misfortunes and incarceration.

A good book on drugs... 'Murder, Magic and Medicine' by Mann

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Trump Style Negotiation cover art

A book full of good tips!

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 14-03-10

The author of this book is best known for his role as advisor to Donald Trump on the apprentice, however, he has be a key player in negotiating real estate contracts in New York for Donald Trump and Sol Goldman among others. His book is well written and full of tips and tactics for negotiating in any situation.

Ross goes through a myriad of information such as building trust, uncovering weakness and valuable information, being a salesman and painting a picture, using delays and deadlines to your advantage, becoming an expert on your topic, planning multiple solutions before negotiations, keeping a deal journal, dealing with difficult people, do's and don'ts of negotiations nad much much more.

The stories which Ross uses to illustrates his points are colourful and interesting. Some of which are morally questionable on the surface but continue listening and his reasons for detailing them become clear. His background in negotiation and his 50 years of experience give Ross a unique insight into a complicated area which he uniquely explains.

I would suggest anyone who is in business to listen to this book. Whether your negotiations are big or small, this book will certainly save you what you spend on the book and much much more!

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Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days cover art

GREAT for beginners

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 14-03-10

Levinson really is the godfather of Guerilla Marketing. His techniques are simple to understand and easy to follow in the 30 day time frame. They do not however become effective in that short period of time. Each step informs you about the techniques you need to begin with... however you have to remember that each step needs development, time and testing. If you have never set up nor run an effective marketing campaign but are seriously considering doing so then this book is certainly worth while. If on the other hand you have read other books by levinson on Guerrilla Marketing then this book will be merely review for you and will lack the details that you can get in his other books.

If you have read other marketing related material this is not for you but Levinsons "Guerrilla Marketing Weapons" is a must! It has everything you know about marketing and MORE! It's a marketing bible for Small and Medium business!

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A nice little read!

4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 30-01-10

Seth Godin's writing and reading style is extremely interesting and his metaphors insightful. In this book "The Dip" he explains why, in his belief, some companies and individuals succeed and why others fail. By fail, Godin explains, they merely stop trying to get out of "The Dip". In everything we do we experience a dip, for example in the book, Godin gives an example of how many people would like to Snowboard but the Dip is the falling over, the sore joints, the cold etc and they give up. People face the dip and can hammer through and get to the other side or they can give up. Every professional in any field has faced this "Dip" but it's whether they've made it through or not that counts. Sometimes it's better to given in and accept that the Dip is too big, you don't have enough, time energy or capital to get through so facing it is the best option. Jack "the neutron" Welsh quit in the dip of many of GE's product lines. He decided that he would only allow GE to compete in an market where they could be place number 1 or number 2 in that market and devote thir time and revenue to those pursuits.

The book is full of little gems of information for such a small book and if you are interested in marketing then it's certainly a nice read. The book doesn't come out with anything very original except for the metaphors. One especially interesting one was that of the bicycle wheel and how starting to pump it is similar to starting the marketing process. The first few blasts of air/efforts are lost in the large market and it's not until we come to an equilibrium that it becomes effective.

In conclusion, it's a nice book to get in a sale but if you are looking for something on marketing with a bit of meat to it, then have a look at Godin's other titles "Permission Marketing" or "All marketers are Liars" both are excellent!

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Great book on sales

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 19-01-10

This book by Zig Ziglar is the combination of “Ziglar on Selling” and “The secrets of closing the sale” In which he discusses the details of his sales life and how he can in his words see you at the top. Ziglar is a selling master but methods to get past every questions, objection and rejection. Being over 80 many people believe that his material is dated and of little use in the real world, however, he admits himself that it is up to each and every sales person to read listen and adapt the techniques in his book to each persons own sales system. No book on sales can give you the answers to every question but Ziglar certainly does deal with an incredible amount of them in this book, I would certainly be difficult not to learn new techniques from listening to this book.

Ziglar is an inspirational man, still giving talks in his 80’s. In the book he talks about procrastination as having a “little pity party for yourself”, discusses the fear of sales, the difficulty in asking for the sales, selling yourself, time management and much much more.

In conclusion this book is an excellent resource for anyone in the sales industry... which is everyone as Ziglar discusses, whether it’s a person selling his ideas to a boss, a wife, or children etc. His ideas are easy to understand and backed up with excellent stories which are well told. Many of these stories are about his days selling pots and pans door to door which is why some people believe his material is dated but to be fair if you adapt the material your sales are sure to increase!

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Millionaire Upgrade cover art

A nice tale!

4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-01-10

This is the story of a man who's down on his luck in a job he doesn't like and almost misses a plane but magical gets an upgrade to business class and a seat beside a Richard Branson-esque Character who gives him reams of good business advice.

The story itself is based on a conversation of the man character and the business man in first class, once the business man sees the fact that he is carrying a copy of Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich". The story is well written and nicely told and for the price it really is value for money.

If you are interested in nice business tales and fables from such authors as Spencer Johnson or Ken Blanchard then this is for you. If you are looking for something more detailed and expressive then just get the book the story is based on or Brian Tracy's "Success Mastery Academy" both of these titles are inspirational and extremely good motivators!

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A business classic!

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-01-10

This book is an absolutely fantastic look into the what people now call the ?millionaire mindset?. The book is the combination of 20 years of studying some of the greatest inventors, investors and Business men of the time and in fact the century, people like Henry Ford, Alexander Bell, Thomas Edison, and Andrew Carnegie. It was actually Andrew Carnegie who encouraged Hill to write the book and study the great minds of their time.

The book goes through topics such as Imagination and discusses how once a person can imagine something on ones mind then it is possible, Desire, in which he tells of the deaf child who finally heard and how if a person desires something badly enough he can and will achieve it, auto-suggestion and how having positive thinking can affect outcome, procrastination, imagination, the brain itself and fear. The most interesting section, however, I believe is on his ideas of sex transmutation; turning sex drive into a positive force instead of a destruction one. For the 1930?s his ideas were certainly revolutionary and for the most part most of them still hold. Some of the content is a little dated but in general Hill was on the money!

In essence this book is what Richard Parkes Cordock tried to do with the ?millionaire MBA Business Mentoring Program? and his inspiration for the millionaire upgrade in which Hill?s book is constantly referenced.

I honestly believe that this book should be compulsory for anyone studying business in either High School or University. It for me is one of the best books of in the area of business motivation.

The narration at times can be a little flat but it certainly gets the main points across. If you were looking for a book with a little bit more humour and life then Brian Tracey's "Success Mastery Academy" is certainly worth a look and similar topics are discussed.

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The New Rules of Marketing & PR cover art

One of the best books in it's class!

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 11-12-09

If you are new to the internet and using the internet as a marketing tool then this is a must read. I personally read this twice the second time with a highlighter to fully understand some of his ideas and to then see if any off them would work in my own business. While the topics he details with aren't very well trashed out it's an extremely good resource tool to get started with. For me the book acts like a list of possibilities but you certainly need further research on each of the topics if you are to employ them.

The book is written is a very easy to follow and simplistic way but if you are oblivious as to what an RSS feed or a podcast is then have a search engine open to check it out. If you already are well versed on the internet it will still certainly give you some ideas but you may not be overjoyed that the topics are not fully discussed.

Some of the sections such as how to make a new release (for small and medium businesses), doing a business blog, viral marketing, podcasting and video casting are extremely interesting and Scott always adds on the places where you can find out more information or see the examples he makes in action. (The "mentos and Diet Coke" experiment was probably the most entertaining!)

Another author who discusses similar topics is Seth Godin. Both of these authors are fantastic marketers but if you are looking for something with a little more flavour and anecdotes I would suggest "permission marketing" both books are written with regards to using the internet with more success but Godin's passion comes through in the reading of his book.

I would absolutely recommend this book. It has everything that someone wanting to know about using the internet to market their company and explains why the tradition 4 P's of marketing have changed in the age of technology.

Success Mastery Academy cover art

Absolutely Amazing

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 10-12-09

This has to be one of the best motivational books available from Audible. In this book Brian Tracy targets "sales people" but goes further than that to say that EVERYONE is a sales person. To do anything in life well first you have to sell yourself on something before you can sell it to anyone else in the world. In fact he makes quite a good point at the beginning of the book in saying that Sales is actually the oldest profession in the world... despite what people might think!! He explains his reasoning for this in an extremely clever and humourous way.

The book is basically a 2 day lecture in which you can participate using the workbook. Tracy covers a myriad of topics and does it in an interesting and easily to follow manner with examples and stories to drive home his point. Topics include 7 qualities of master achievers, time empowerment, selling strategies, self-image in selling, negotiating, leadership, how to set and achieve goals and much much more.

Tracy has a real insight into how people are geared against themselves when it comes to becoming successful and how we use excuses such as I'm too old, I'm too young, I'm too poor, I'm too busy etc that prevent us from taking the leap and making the effort to change. He uses an analogy of a missile which is never launched has no way to change its course. Using this he drives home that each and every person could be as powerful and focused as a missile but until they launch themselves into action their true potential will never be reached.

There are some similarities in this audible with the "Millionaire MBA Business Mentoring program", however, this is a far superior product. Topics discussed are similar yet the editing of the MBA program really takes away from it. If you were teetering between the MBA program and this I would certainly recommend this. Having tried many of the techniques over the past few weeks I honestly feel it makes a difference! ENJOY!!

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A nice book!

4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 04-12-09

When a book on investing starts off with I defected from the Russian Navy by jumping of the ship and heading to the American embassy, I also want to jump ship... but I'm glad that I didn't.

The book goes through the forces that affect the markets. He not only classifies markets as being bullish and bearish he also refers to traders in the same way. As a phycologist I feel that the author certainly does understand the crowd mentality and how it can affect our decisions. He then takes this forward to explain why an individual should not react to changes in the market because they are changing but to view the reasons why they are changing so that one can make a rational decision whether to buy or sell.

As with all of the traders who have written books on this subject, he builds into this book a system that he followed to make himself successful in the stock market. This method in which he uses is similar to that of Peter Lynch who wrote "one up on the Street" and "learn to earn". Both authors concentrate on the day/short term trading. The book itself goes through the ins and outs of what a day trade with actually cost you after you take out the fees and the slippage and gives useful and technical advice on how best to deal with these situations. Then gives information on how he picks the stocks and guidelines on how he then evaluates whether to invest or not.

If you are not interested in Short term trading I would suggest that you look "The New Buffettology" by Mary Buffett or "The intelligent investor" by Graham. Both of this books look at longer investment cycles. So if you just want to invest and not worry about the day to day of the share price then these are the books for you.

All and all this is an interesting read and worth the money. I wouldn't say that it's a reference manual for short term investing but it certainly comes close.

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