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The War Against Boys cover art

At last some common sense

4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 26-01-08

This is a landmark book if, as I hope, it is read and taken seriously by educational policy makers. The biase against boys in the education system is producing dire social consequences. The feminist orthodoxy that masculinity is some form of disease is profoundly misguided. It is a great crime of our time that the sins of the fathers are being visited on the innocent. Boys and girls require different styles of nurturing and education - that is a biological fact not a political position. We are building up a hugh social problem , all of us and all of our children will pay the price unless there is an urgent sea change in attitudes... there is a long road to travel, this book must be read.

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Thought provoking

4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 18-01-08

This not a book for the gullible but it is thought provoking. I read it as one persons honest attempt to explain reality and the human condition. Orthodox scientific believers will be offended by it's leaps of imagination. If you believe that the search for truth can only be pursued within the bounds of our current scientific conventions you will be probably feel threatened. The scientific method is crucial in the search for answers about the nature of reality and the technology that enables us to look inside a living cell could not exist without it. But all the science in the world, past , present or future cannot address the fundamental questions without the power of the human imagination. This book deserves to be read.

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