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Being liked is Important

4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 29-02-08

First part of this book successfully makes the case for being liked. It's easy to divide the world into friends (people you like and who like you) and enemies (people you dislike and who dislike you) but this is all so much conceptualisation. Being liked is something that can be learned, and you can make those who you think dislike you like you simply by changing your attitude and your behaviour.
Sanders, who narrates compellingly, uses a 4 principle model: friendliness, relevance, empathy and realness.
He uses the second part of the book to argue why these principles will enable you to succeed. There are also exercises to get you to apply the model to yourself.
The abridged version is to be recommended. I felt it would have become tedious if it had gone much beyond 5 hours.
All in all an effective book successfully transfered to audiobook format.

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