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Gruesome and gruesomely good

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 01-06-11

As soon as I'd pressed 'play' I couldn't stop. Bar a couple of night time naps I listened to the whole book, beginning to end, in one go - the whole 19.5 hours of it. I was hooked. Yes, the book is long, but it never seemed too long for me. Every time I thought I'd got the plot now - I knew who the bastard was - something else came up. So instead of me being smarter than the writer for once, Jo Nesbø was the one who kept outsmarting me. Apart from the detours via Hong Kong and the Congo, the book is mainly set in Oslo and the desolate Norwegian mountains, and Nesbø is excellent at using the potentially destructive and terrifying forces of nature and weather to drive his story. From what I understand, this is the eighth novel featuring detective Harry Hole and so I'm planning to work my way backwards, starting with his previous book, 'The Snowman'. I've been told to look forward to/fear the contents of that book! Finally, Sean Barrett's narration is first class and I love his voice. I'll be looking out for more audiobooks by him, too!

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5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 18-04-11

What a fantastic book! Gives you a real insight into what it is (or was) like growing up as a woman in Afghanistan, especially under the Taliban regime and the utter disregard for women's human rights there. All the serious stuff aside, the book is full of sights and smell and texures and has really made me want to go there and see the place for myself. It has pointed out to me that beyond the war and suppression it is a country full of history and beauty that is deserving of attention in its own right. With regards to the narration, it is (suitably so) read by a woman who obviously has the right cultural background, as every local name or Farsi/Pashtun word is pronounced like a local, making the whole experience more believable.

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