Cristiano Valois

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Reviewed: 02-09-14

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It is much better than baggott's previous books, which were rather enthusiastical of the positivist copenhagen's interpretation of quantum physics. it is woven from a realist stance instead, defending einstein's realism against the dubiuos results by bell and aspect. but i am afraid it is a bit outdated, now that inflation theory has been repeatedly proved by experiments and that the infinite worlds interpretation is prevailing among scientists. so the multiverse theory is a consequence of proven theories and not a simple speculation. the same goes with string theoty, which is the best explanation of ultimate reality we have to date. so i would rather advise you to refer to tegmak's and deutsch's books on these topics. so do not take baggott's conclusions as the definitive word on present physics, but as a step towards the current interpretation of contemporary theories.

What could Jim Baggott have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you?

he could have revised his book with new data

Have you listened to any of Philip Rose’s other performances? How does this one compare?

i cannot compare since this is the first audiobook i hear performed by rose

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