Mr Jon D Hartley

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Doesn't work in audio format

2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 10-10-15

This book spends several hours building up to a 3 week, day by day eating plan, which promises to help you clear your brain fog. When it eventually gets there, the chapter is 70+ minutes of repetition, which you're unlikely to remember in one go. To reference the plan you'll either need to save many bookmarks in the chapter, or write/type out the information. Either way it will take you some time. The book comes with a pdf download, in which the plan could have been included. Whatever the reason for not doing this, it was a big oversight.

The information in this book is interesting, although the author cites a lot of studies, again none of which can be referenced in audio format without killing the flow of the book.

This is possibly the only one of my 200 audio books that doesn't work in this format. Save your money and buy the paper or e - version.

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