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I liked the book, but I see why others hates it

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3 out of 5 stars
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Reviewed: 27-09-19

This is a very unusual book. Written in a very unusual way. Narrated in a very unusual way too.

It seems that it either is poorly written or that the author tried SOO hard to tell his life story, promote himself, his ventures and disguise it in a book of advice for others that is naturally disjointed. I very well understand why other readers find it confusing. The book contains many short episodes of authors life randomly without strong closure or reason for readers to care. These stories also jumps a lot back and forth in time and it just adds to confusion. More, it also have a slightly different tone, approach and narrators. Almost like a set of favorite stories you would share with different groups like your friends, family or professional circle all put together, but told by two different people. For my personal opinion book does get a lot better throughout the second half and then nose dive again when authors attempts to cover his importance in politics and contributions to education.

At the end it all depends of your expectations. Most people who are interested in this book would be interested to learn authors insights, "know-how" and competitive edge. They are ambitious, eager to learn and have no patience. If you are one of them - this book is not for you! Or just skip to the last chapter.
Others would aim to just learn about the author and in my opinion there are better books about his biography. There are always readers that just want to read something and will find it fantastic. Also the older generation, especially in the US, that can relate to the crisis, cycles of economy and other similar or well known events. They would have a lot in common with the author. The latter will absolutely love this book - I have no doubt!

I liked the book and hope that the author will consider to write a version of it that is striped down to the facts and learning. 100% transparent situations, how to create and deal with them and create opportunities. How exactly he was leveraging deals and economy. Maybe a naive hope, however I foresee it to be all times hit.

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