Ethan King

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Reviewed: 05-07-18

I’m not exaggerating but being entirely literal, when I say I just had to stop listening to this (again), after only a few minutes; because I genuinely couldn’t stand to hear this reading any more. Hugely impressed by the fresh, erudite and engaging text, I found myself pinching my ears, at the alienating, repetitive singsong of the reader, brisk and soulless, and cringing as over and over again I heard how the author had phrased their work, and how it was being totally misread and ruined by her. Such a depressing experience. As someone with at least a modicum of familiarity with both writing and reading aloud, I find myself uncomprehending as to how this situation arises. Certainly it’s hard to imagine any kind of audition or even trial run process took place. Because I’d like to think at that point someone suitable would have been found instead. So - I really wanted to listen to this, but instead I’ll be buying the book, because it’s so obviously a wonderful and original piece of work. Shame it is so ill-served here.