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This is an insight into science at its peak

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 03-11-07

This is ground breaking science as a researcher I identify with his methods, too flexible for some who like to think of the world as flat or rigid, this book will give your ideology and world view a workout. Dont read it if you are rigid and do not understand that science is imagination and creativity. Einstein would visualize what it was like to travel on a sunbeam at speed of light and this book helps you visualize the life of the cell. If your veiw of science is not developed enough you will believe that we scientists just see the world as rigid laws and think we understand how everything works. Wake up to how scientists really think. Creatively, imaginatively and a little bit flawed. Dont believe everything but listen to his ideas and develop your own theories. My rating excellent. Graduate level thought brought to man in street.

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