The Trauma Cleaner by Sarah Krasnostein

One woman's extraordinary, ordinary life

Dear Listeners,

Very rarely does a book come along that manages to completely capture all of us at Audible: discussion of Sandra Pankhurst’s story spread like wildfire around the office the moment we were introduced to this incredible woman’s life.

Adopted as a little boy by abusive parents in small-town Australia, Sandra escaped convention to start the journey to becoming female. Now living as a trans woman with her own crime-and-trauma cleaning business, she recounts with devastating honesty the unspeakable tragedies she’s faced and her hard-won triumphs. This is an unmissable biography of an extraordinary, ordinary life which we think you’ll love just as much as we do.

The Audible Editors

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Sandra's extraordinary, ordinary life

Watch an interview with Sandra, accompanied by photos from throughout her life

And this is what the Audible Editors have to say...

"As an acquiring editor at Audible, I read a huge number of books but this one completely stopped me in my tracks. This is one of the most 'human' books I’ve ever read, with Sandra’s deep emotional empathy told with warmth and humour. Really though, it’s incredibly hard to describe this book because it’s truly original – you just have to listen to it!" - Harriet, Audible Editor

"Sarah Krasnostein’s storytelling blew me away. She guides us seamlessly between past and present, bringing Sandra and her clients to life in vivid detail – even when exact timelines and details are hard to pin down. At times, the content is stranger than fiction; yet Sarah’s exploration offers a level of connection that makes Sandra’s story all the more powerful." - Sally, Audible Editor

"Sarah’s memoir of Sandra’s extraordinary life is one of the most heartfelt, deeply moving and fundamentally human stories I’ve listened to in a long time. Much like Brian Reed did for John B McLemore in his remarkable S-Town, Sarah paints an incredibly intimate portrait of a woman who’s empathy and will to survive shines through with incredible potency. Rarely have I come across a non-fiction story told with such poetic attention to detail." - Tom, Audible Editor

"Sarah Krasnostein writes non-fiction with the eye-for-detail, creativity and flair of an established novelist and, as such, it’s nigh on impossible to stop listening to her telling of the life of ‘The Trauma Cleaner’ - Sandra Pankhurst - once you start. Shocking, touching, saddening and yet somehow hopeful." - Jack, Audible Editor

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An exclusive introduction written by the author, Sarah
Where Sandra's story begins...
A home stuck in time, a life on pause

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  • The Trauma Cleaner
  • An exclusive introduction written by the author, Sarah
  • The Trauma Cleaner
  • Where Sandra's story begins...
  • The Trauma Cleaner
  • A home stuck in time, a life on pause

Sandra's life in pictures

From surviving an abusive childhood and two marriages to her transformation to Sandra Pankhurst, the successful and respected woman she is today, these photos tell a story of decades of abuse and marginalisation overcome with unprecedented strength.