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Investigative Journalism

Damned Spot

In these four episodes we return to the scenes of tragic or traumatic events and find out how the location has been impacted

100:1 The Crack Legacy

Investigating the war on crack of the mid-80s host Christopher Johnson shares the experiences of police, drug dealers and the wider community.

The Butterfly Effect

British best-selling author Jon Ronson explores the impact of a Belgian teenager making free porn available on the internet

West Cork

Investigative journalist, Sam Bungey, and documentarian, Jennifer Forde, travel to a small town in Ireland to delve into an unsolved murder case.

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Travel inspiration

My Indian Odyssey

Join Kumars star Vincent Ebrahim as he explores his family history travelling from Mumbai to Kolkata.
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Sounds Like America

Through interviews and live performances we get a whistlestop tour of the states courtesy of a host of comedians.
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Pen and Place

Acclaimed writers share with us the American locations that inspire and influence their work.
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Dom Joly's Big American Vacation

Join journalist Dom Joly holidaying Stateside. This is no ordinary road trip – expect the weird and wonderful.
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