Alexa, what's free from Audible?
We have some exciting news for Alexa users. Each month we will offer a selection of brilliant audiobooks you'll be able to listen to for free on your Alexa device. Browse this month's selection below.

What else can I do with Audible on my Alexa?

From adding new listens to your Audible library with voice-activated credit purchases to the utterances you need to know to navigate your audiobooks on Alexa, we're here to tell you how to get the best out of your Audible membership on Alexa.

Use your credits with Alexa

Found your next great listen? Just say 'Alexa, buy this book' to purchase with one of your credits.

Navigating your audiobooks on Alexa

Listening to your Audible library on Alexa has never been easier. All you need is a few voice commands in your back pocket.