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All Genres | 09.03.2021

Top 10 Fantasy and Sci-Fi Audiobooks by Female Authors

Female authors have been shaping the sci-fi genre since Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Get out of this world with fantasy audiobooks, all penned ...

Sci-Fi | 02.02.2021

Old Favourites, New Adventures: The Star Trek Universe Goes Audible

With hundreds of Star Trek anthologies and novels, there are countless hours of Star Trek dramatisations. Fly your starship to the fringes of ...

All Genres | 10.11.2020

10 Gaming Audiobooks for Joystick Junkies

Discover our 10 favourite video gaming audiobooks from iconic titles to forgotten gems from the golden age of gaming. Discover your new ...

All Genres | 13.10.2020

10 Best Sci-Fi Stories That Have Re-Invented the Genre

From H.G. Wells to Margaret Atwood, here are 10 science fiction stories that have changed the literary world. Listen to them all on Audible.

Sci-Fi | 11.02.2020

The Arisen Series

One of the most popular post-apocalyptic zombie series’, Arisen is an explosive, adrenaline-pumping listen that will have you hooked from start ...

Sci-Fi | 26.11.2019

The Alien Saga in Chronological Order

Make sense of the Alien franchise with our chronological guide to the movies, video games, audiobooks and more.

Sci-Fi | 29.10.2019

On Set with Alien: Out of the Shadows

Go behind the scenes of our ad for Alien: Out of the Shadows. Now available as an Audible Original Drama, narrated by the likes of Rutger Hauer ...

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