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Susan Xia

Romance | 07.02.2022

Steamy Erotic Audiobooks to Fuel Your Fantasies

Sex, love and fiction. Humans have always been pretty good at getting the juices flowing, but the best erotic audiobooks take that to a whole ...

Out of this world stories (Sci-Fi) | 07.01.2022

From ’77 to Fan-fic Heaven: Star Wars Stories for All Generations

For the crime enthusiast | 03.01.2022

10 Best Thriller Audiobooks to Get Your Heart Racing

Discover the dark and twisted world of our most dazzling and disturbing thriller audiobooks. We’ve curated a list of 10 titles that will be sure ...

Best Listens | 24.12.2021

10 Investigative Podcasts Worth Listening To

Investigative podcasting has come a long way since ‘Serial’ burst onto the market in 2014.

Best Listens | 30.03.2021

10 Best True Crime Audiobooks for Your Inner Detective

Here are the top ten true crime Audible books to satisfy your inner detective.

Best Listens | 23.03.2021

10 Thrilling Spy Book Series for Espionage Lovers

Expect dastardly supervillains, terrifying terrorists and some frosty Cold War adventures in faraway lands, where one false move could cost you ...

For the crime enthusiast | 16.03.2021

Baker Street and Beyond: Doyle's Master Creation and Its Spin-offs

The mystery-solving duo have examined the narrow cobblestone back alleys of London and beyond throughout history. Now these timeless tales are ...

Best Listens | 09.03.2021

Top 10 Fantasy and Sci-Fi Audiobooks by Female Authors

Female authors have been shaping the sci-fi genre since Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Get out of this world with fantasy audiobooks, all penned ...

Best Listens | 02.03.2021

10 Best Sports Audiobooks for the Superfan in All of Us

Experience the untold stories behind success and discover a fresh perspective on the biggest names with our list of the 10 best sports audiobooks.

Best Listens | 23.02.2021

10 Best Celebrity Audiobooks for Storytelling by the Stars

We’ve gathered some of the 10 best celebrity audiobooks to get you started with this star-studded category.