L. A. Taylor

L. A. Taylor

My Bio - I was born in a small town in the UK back in 1969. Not far from the legendary William Shakespeare's hometown, and the writer George Eliot. I grew up in a large family, but I was always the odd one out. I would invent games to play and write stories for younger children to read, where as everyone else was just being children. Was a bit strange back then. When I was 17 I bought a movie camera and started making short horror related films with my family. I did this for only a few years before I settled down to start my own family. I still have those clips, which I put on from time to time to laugh at. I went to College in 1992, and some of the Students decided to do a competition to see who could write the best short story. I decided to give it a go, and within a day of me starting my story everyone else decided to stop theirs. That was the first step toward me wanting to be a writer.... However, the story was never finished and with my family life getting in the way, nothing happened with my story writing until 1999. I had moved to another house after the breakdown of my first big relationship, and I'd bought an old computer from a friend. That's when my first attempt at writing a zombie style story came to light. Largely to do with the fact that a zombie movie scared the crap out of me aged 11, leaving me frozen for quite a while. That story has gone through several re-writes during the years, with CLIFTON FALLS now being its latest release.... Before I bought my first computer I did some movie dubbing with a friend of mine. We would play the original movie but with no sound, and would record our voices onto a tape. Then, we would play the two together........Was very funny to see and listen to the outcome. After I started writing for real all dubbing, all artwork, as in drawings, stopped for me and finishing something that I never normally did with my life was the task ahead. To think, of all the paid jobs I'd had during this period none of them had come close to the writing. It was like a drug to me, and, after several attempts with the zombie story I finally finished it back in 2005. No, it didn't take 6 years to write, but I did re-write it from scratch 4 times because of either a computer breakdown which lost my work, or because I had to take some of the story out to replace it with another idea. That was down to a Book Agent who signed me from London. However, I was only with the Company for 1 year, as I didn't want to renew my Contract with them..... BEDBUGS (Can you see them?) My second novel, had been started around 2007, so had other story ideas, but with me trying to get my first book out there, out there for people to read, I was spending a lot of time doing it, leaving the writing side on the shelf. I was then signed in 2011 by a digital Publisher who only wanted to release my zombie novel in kindle form, but within 2 months the book was passed onto a larger Book Publisher who wanted to release my zombie novel and my finished version of Bedbugs in paperback, with the likes of Barnes & Noble stocking them. That was an offer I couldn't refuse, so the digital publisher agreed I should go with the larger publisher. However, after only being released for a short time, my novels were taken down from sale due to the Publisher not paying their writers.....That was in 2012....I then had to find another Publisher willing to take them on, but it was becoming hard to find one suitable for me, and who I could trust, so, after speaking to E L James, the author of 'The Fifty Shades of Grey' novels, I decided, after her advice, to re-release them myself. That was 1 year ago now.... During the past year I have been writing my third novel, a revamped version of the one I was writing at College 20 years ago. It's nearly finished now. It's titled - THE S.T.A.R.S. PROJECT (Science testing aimed at Rats survival)...I'm also working with a Brilliant scriptwriter from America, by the name of Ed Kowalski. He wrote the script for Bedbugs & also a zombie western style script. Both are in the hands of movie Professionals, with Bedbugs getting closer to be signed up for a movie version. I'm also working with an Audio Narrator on releasing Bedbugs in Audio book form, to go with the release of CLIFTON FALLS...Which was released in audio a few months ago.... So yeah, I'm keeping busy with my stories to make them what they should be, and that's top movies. Check out my website - www.morgueofthedead.webs.com - For more info on me & my stories.

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