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Audible for Android
  • Download audiobooks directly from your Android device
  • Listen to all your favourite titles wherever you are
  • Up-to-the minute news, detailed listening stats, badges, and more!
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Android Features
  • Find out about the next author chat, upcoming releases right on your Android phone.
  • Chapter navigation. Annotated bookmarks. Sleep mode. Button-Free Mode—just some of the features that make Audible for Android the best audiobook player on Android Market.
  • Audible for Android makes your entire Audible My Library available for wireless download wherever you are.
  • Earn stats and badges just for listening to books. Are you Audible Obsessed? Download Audible for Android to find out.
Current Release: Version 1.5.2.
User Guide: PDF
Release Notes: HTML
Supported Devices:
Help/Support Resources: Audible for Android FAQ
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