Wonderful narration is a skill which not everyone is up to: Actors must be able to maintain multiple characters realistically, while keeping the story going and the listener engaged. Here we highlight some of the well known actors who have lent their talent to audiobooks, allowing you to enjoy an intimate experience with the star and their voice.

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Matt Dillon
Originally a teen star in Tex, The Outsiders and Rumble Fish, Matt Dillon has since matured into one of Hollywood's most enjoyable actors to watch on screen with a wonderful versatility in his acting range. Dillon struck gold with the critics with his performance in the uncompromising Gus van Sant film about drug addicts, Drugstore Cowboy. Other films include To Die For, Wild Things, There's Something About Mary and, for his work in the Best Picture Academy Award winner Crash, Dillon received a long-overdue Oscar nomination, as Best Supporting Actor.