Wonderful narration is a skill which not everyone is up to: actors must be able to maintain multiple characters realistically, while keeping the story going, sustaining the interest of the listener and ensuring an energetic delivery throughout. It is a performance made all the more challenging by the absence of visual aids for the audience: the scene must be set with the narrator's voice only.

Here we highlight some of the well known actors who have lent their talent to audiobooks, producing impressive and intimate performances of some brilliant works of fiction for you, the listener.

Read by the cast of the stage play

Max Beesley

From starring in the hugely popular US drama Homeland to acting in the British psychological thriller series, Mad Dogs, Max Beesley has developed an impressive international following in recent years. The actor's professional versatility has been showcased yet again in his wonderful narration of the gripping audiobook Passenger 23:

"It's an incredibly complex, multi-faceted drama. It's intriguing, with elements of darkness - you have to be really on point listening to the story to make sure you hear all the wonderful twists."